Telltale Should Prioritise Their People Over Clem, And Drawn To Death Is Done

In our latest editorial, we discuss Telltale's handling of their studio closure, Sony's decision to pull the plug on Drawn to Death, and the reveal of a new legendary Pokémon.

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FloydianAndroid23d ago

It’s a noble notion to say they should take care of their people and not worry about finishing the game, but that’s kind of a stretch realistically. Finishing the game may be the beatnik they can do at this point and it’s better than nothing. My only problem with this whole situation is how did the suits not see this coming. They were hiring couple of weeks ago and now theyre belly up. Did the finance department not know how dire things were? That part doesn’t Add up.

JTGA22d ago

Apparently it has to do with a major financial investor suddenly pulling out. But if the company was on such a knife edge, surely it's their legal and moral obligation to communicate to their employee's? The whole situation is a mess.