Capcom: Resident Evil 2 Is Not Just a Remake, It's a Brand New Entry in the Series - TGS 2018

The producers of the Resident Evil 2 remake sat down with IGN Japan to talk about what they think is most important in a Resident Evil game and how they want people to see the 2019 version of Resident Evil 2 as a brand new entry in the series.

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BigKev4523d ago

It is a remake, don't try to fool us, Capcom.

-Foxtrot23d ago

Just make the remake games a new timeline please and softboot's so easy and you can continue with Resident Evil 8 in first person while classic fans can play these.

I'd love to see where they could go with Resident Evil 4 if they changed things up. Do they do RE4 but different? Do they make Code Veronica RE4 and make Leon the main character instead of Chris, he did tell Chris where Claire was maybe he'll go himself or will they make a brand new story using what they've learnt from the past remake games featuring Leon with Zombies, Tyrants and Umbrella. Hell like what they've done with this remake using ideas from RE1.5 maybe we could see RE4 feature ideas from RE3.5 with Leon in the haunted house...okay maybe not a supernatural game but I'd like to see Leon in a mansion like setting similar to the first Resident Evil, they could use the Spencer Estate found in RE5s DLC Lost in Nightmares if they wanted. The future looks bright if they stick to what they've done here rather that found in REVII.

I'd love to see the original ideas of RE4.5 with's way better then what we originally got.

Sirk7x22d ago

If they were going to remake RE4, I can see them reimagining the plot in a darker way, although that would probably ruin some of the charm of the original. It was very campy with an intentional 80's action vibe (Rescuing the president's daughter? They were having fun with American action movies from the start). The game is so over the top it might feel very surreal if they ever tried to remake it with a modern graphics engine. Although I would LOVE to replay it with a real time inventory management.

paintedgamer198422d ago

Just leave MT's out of my RE and we'll be all good Capcom!

Xack22d ago

So keen for this bad boy

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