SAW The Video Game Announced for 2009

GP Reports: "If you are a fan of the SAW movies and can't wait for the fifth one to premier this year, this news might give you the chills. Brash Entertainment has announced today that SAW The Video Game is in the works and it should be coming out October of 2009. It is indeed a long way to go but the question is, what kind of game would this be? Would we see Jigsaw?"

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Egzekutor3647d ago

No one is going to buy this game anyway..
I like SAW, but the movie ..

pwnsause3647d ago

so how do you play this game??? HAHAHAHHAHAH

OGharryjoysticks3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

On the bluray of SAW IV if you go to special features and then scroll down to "also from Lionsgate" but instead of pressing enter, press to the left and you will bring up a sawblade. Press enter on the sawblade and the game begins.

Not sure if this game is available on the regular DVD version because all I have is the bluray, but check it out because it's pretty neat.