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Gaming Boulevard wrote:

I'll be honest, in private I often joke with my friends about how our Xbox Ones are collecting dust and how there are little to no worthy exclusives to play on it. But that is about to change because Forza Horizon 4 is easily one of the best exclusives I've played in recent years and it might even be my personal pick for GOTY 2018. It's a fantastic racing game that will keep you invested for weeks with its seasons mechanic and many activities. The gameplay is great, the visuals are great, the shared world with other players is great... What more can I say to tell you how much I enjoy playing this game? It's my new favorite racing game and I think many others will reach the same conclusion, which is why I give Forza Horizon 4 the perfect score and a strong recommendation to everyone with an Xbox One (or powerful PC) to play it.

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Kribwalker23d ago

Man, The great reviews of this game won’t stop

Spurg23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Very positive indeed. I defo getting it but I want to watch Daniel Bloodworth's review from easy allies, his opinion on games go hand in hand with mine.

lxeasy23d ago

Its insane how many 9/10s or perfect scores this game is getting!

alb189923d ago

I'm enjoying Horizon 3 on 2018, that's how good this game is. And wait for the DLC!

Lokii23d ago

Meh. I'll give it a rent. I never bothered finishing the other ones. Got boring and tedious

Chris1223d ago

It's troll time and the same post on other threads have been deleted as inappropriate. Don't let him bother you.

DEEHULK8823d ago

It is weird that so many people are commenting on Forza and most of them don't have a xbox.

Lokii23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

It's called an opinion. If it's too much for you to handle then go find somewhere else to comment. Also kiddo I have a Xbox. Waste of money

maybelovehate23d ago

Can't believe this will be on GamePass day 1.