World of Warcraft Subscriber Count at Highest Point Since 2014, According to SuperData Research

Twinfinite: For the month of August, SuperData has compiled this listing of the most popular titles across three separate categories: PC games, console games, and mobile games.

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alexgibson113d ago

Brewfest keeping the momentum of Azeroth rolling.

kombuchaa113d ago

I find this surprising given Battle for Azeroth's mixed response from the community, but I'm glad to see the game alive and well.

Dhampir112d ago

Why is it surprising? People rush back the first month for an expansion launch, then play other things after.

Personally I think I'm done with wow, the current progression system just puts me off. Plus I was an altaholic, and now it takes 10 times longer to level an alt through decade old content.