Battlefield 1 & Battlefield 4 Premium Passes are once again available for free to everyone

DSOGaming writes: "Last month, we informed you about a special offer for Battlefield 1. For one week, Electronic Arts and DICE have offered its Premium Pass for free to everyone. And we are happy to report today that both the Battlefield 1 and the Battlefield 4 Premium Passes are, once again, available for free to everyone."

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81BX55d ago

Might as well focus on those 2 games because the next is going to flop

PhantomS4255d ago

You clearly didn't play in the beta. It was great.

Oh, I'm guessing you're one of those people that saw a girl and got triggered.

zombiewombie55d ago

Or hes referencing the low ass preorders. Dont get your booty tickled dude, calm down. Lol

Arty8455d ago

Not only is the seemingly majority having the same opinion as him hence no improvement in preorders but even the EA sponsored youtubers had to admit the beta/ game is a mess and wont be decent for months

EazyC54d ago

No, I suspect he just thought it was shite like the rest of us.

Hungryalpaca54d ago

I played the beta and hated it. The game is terrible.

FullmetalRoyale54d ago

BC2 is my favorite multiplayer game of all time, and the beta was completely boring. Though I couldn’t bring myself to be interested in BF1, either.

Artemidorus54d ago

I played the beta for BF1 and BFV, both boring. I quit BF1 quickly anf played BFV more but came to realised they have hardly changed anything in years and only listen to SJWs so it's not for me.

81BX54d ago

Oh no sir! I played the beta. You clearly didn't.

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lelo2play55d ago

Just purchased Battlefield 1 for 5€ and got Premium Pass for free... not a bad deal.

JEECE55d ago

I see what you are saying, but a "flop" for BF still means selling millions of copies on each platform in the first month. Look at Battlefront II's numbers if you don't believe me; obviously it failed significantly against expectations, but in the absolute it still sold millions of copies in the first month. Getting outsold by COD and the first new Rockstar game in five years doesn't mean they aren't going to have a far more significant user base than on 2 and 5 year old games.

Hungryalpaca54d ago

Star Wars is going to sell regardless. BF doesn’t have the same name power.

thorstein54d ago

Stop acting like the N4G echo chamber is the be all and end all of gaming new and trends.

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Baza55d ago

Still need to buy the games. No thank you.

letsa_go55d ago

Yeah I am not a fan either. I have tried to give them a chance, but they just don't do it for me.

cfc8355d ago

Are there still full servers on bf4 xb1 ?


They should put these premium maps in the patch because even with premium being free the premium servers are dead!!

EazyC54d ago

Definitely - just streamline the map rotation if it's all free now.

EazyC54d ago

You'd be mad not to buy Battlefield 1, it really is a great game.

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