Female Generals In Total War: Rome 2 Cause Outrage And Drama

PC Invasion: There's some hilariously bad drama in Total War: Rome 2 due to female generals, review-bombing, terrible responses, and general outrage culture on the internet. Jason Rodriguez examines what went on in the past few days -- what caused all the outrage and how players reacted, as well as if this whole fiasco was even warranted.

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Anthotis1335d ago

Sounds like they've added the SJW cancer to the game after people had bought it. A weasel move but not surprising considering the type of "people" they are.

Eonjay1335d ago

Its a game. Stop the outrage: it is silly. These aren't even real women, or men. They are pixels.

DerekTweed1334d ago

Did you even read the article?

TekoIie1333d ago

Pretty sure we had this article yesterday.

KillZallthebeast1333d ago

Yeah a day or 2 ago. I mostly agree with people who are pissed since this games 5 years old and the devs basically told people deal with it. An option to turn this off/on in a patch wouldn't of bothered most of the people who are mad.

TekoIie1333d ago (Edited 1333d ago )

"An option to turn this off/on in a patch wouldn't of bothered most of the people who are mad."

Nah no need. Modders will have that shit sorted in no time. It is a big fuss over nothing because Modders are what made this game what it is 5 years later with things like Divide Et Impera and 40 stacks armies. If there's a problem modders will fix it, especially with something as simple as an appearance %.

KillZallthebeast1333d ago (Edited 1333d ago )

Theres hundreds of easily accessible mods. If people wanted women generals mods would of been made already.(they may have been) to make them forced into the vanilla game sort of makes no sense this late in.

Lol and divide et impera was great. Somehow pikemen still managmanaged to be unbreakable bastards though set up properly

TekoIie1333d ago (Edited 1333d ago )

Always need to have some good cavalry to take care of that. Love using skirmisher cavalry when playing as Epirus and making a mess of the enemies formations while they're locked in melee XD

I agree it's not ideal, but like I said the modders kept this game alive especially after the initial controversy at launch.

harbie1332d ago

Ya bait & switch. We want to put our money where reality is, not waste it on developers who can't understand reality.

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Weeblordbad1333d ago

For those who won't read the article.

Desert Kingdoms/female generals inclusion = March 8
The image from Erick showing only female generals as options = August 10
Creative Assembly’s Ella replying in an unacceptable manner = August 13
Review-bombing = September 23 to 25

You're responding to MONTHS old crap, you've been spurred on by people who are pushing an agenda the same kind that some of you feel Creative Assembly is pushing. It's been stated MULTIPLE times, that the percentages for the factions that can have female generals is very low with the lone exception being Kush at 50%. Romans, Greeks, Carthage are all 0%, as are the Eastern factions. Everyone getting riled up about this now? You're being manipulated, and it's been a fun few days watching people who don't or haven't played Rome 2 in ages getting upset about this.

zombiewombie1333d ago

This! Media in unison reporting on old shit and not even reporting the reason why it happened correctly. The outrage is over they way this person responded to the whole situation.

ginganinja1332d ago

"Creative Assembly’s Ella replying in an unacceptable manner = August 13
Review-bombing = September 23 to 25 "

That's over a month. Seems to suggest that the outrage wasn't sparked by the comments themselves, but by people being told to be outraged..

1333d ago
OB1Biker1333d ago

'You're being manipulated,'
Unfortunately it's very common and most people don't get it.

Weeblordbad1332d ago

I have a "friend" who likes to tell people they're conditioned by the media. Yet will gladly spread memes that paint other groups poorly, that have been debunked months or years ago.

It's truly insane watching all of this over the past few years unfold, SJW and Alt Right people seem like two groups standing on the roof screaming they'll jump. The problem is they've been doing it for so long they basically have to keep it up or, at least in their minds it means the "enemy" was right about everything and they were wrong.

This is only going to get worse too, so buckle up.

OB1Biker1332d ago (Edited 1332d ago )

We are all conditioned by the media. This is the era of the fourth estate I have to force myself to question everything I read and cross research information. I know it's not easy. The easy way that most people go for is to assume any article you read, video you watch etc is giving you correct information because why not.

Casepb1333d ago

I must admit at first glace I thought that said female genitals... I'm not exactly proud of that.

CorndogBurglar1333d ago

You should be. Female genitals are fun.

Lon3wolf1333d ago

You are not alone, although I have not been awake long (that's my excuse anyway :) )

Parasyte1333d ago

Jesus Christ, this stupid shit again?! It is a damn video game!

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