Kingdom Hearts 3 Demo Is A Blast When It Works - (PlayStation Universe)

Playing the Kingdom Hearts 3 demo at TGS 2018 it looks great and plays great when it works, but there are some issues.

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Geobros25d ago

Ok it is normal to have bugs those trial demos. I hope SE will fix it.

Sgt_Slaughter22d ago

A demo for showing off to journalists and alike should be flawless, that's not a "normal" thing. Betas sure, because those are meant for addressing issues spotted by the community, but not a demo at something as big as TGS.

It's just a demo so in the grand scheme of things it's not super important, but you don't want to give anybody who's on the fence about it any reason to doubt the full release.

Larrysweet24d ago

Stupid article its a tiny slice of a cut demo tells u youll prob expirence issues