Neverwinter: Devs Steal Currency from ~40% of Active Player Base, then Bans

Many reports of currency (AD) being stolen from players, which was earned legitimately have surfaced- from long time, reputable players & many others. This along w/ inconsistent banning & customer service calling people's actions- "illegal." Cryptic seems to hate its own customers for bugs its had for 6mos (if you include preview/test server).

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rdgneoz325d ago

It's how you lose your player base. When devs don't fix bugs and ban people instead, you don't make many friends. Most companies try to patch stuff like that right away and lock the content till it can be fixed (or warn people afterwards / take away what they got), instead of letting it go so long and perma banning people.

kevnb25d ago

Ive never actually heard of a publisher doing this on a major game.

harbie25d ago

Indeed this seems like a money grab as well- since they are basically baning the players which are longer-term & their likelihood to buy Zen on avg is lower than new players.

Gh05t25d ago

I know I am in the minority here but game exploits should never be punished with a ban. It is the developers fault it exists. The developers need to be more careful not the players. The players are playing the game as presented to them, if the player doesnt try to stuff packets or change the game code and plays the game AS THE DEVELOPERS RELEASE IT TO THEM, then it is fair game. Especially since the term exploit can be VERY broad.

gangsta_red25d ago

agreed, who wouldn't take advantage of something if they found it works in these games.

Devs should patch it, fix it, whatever and move on.

harbie25d ago

Well in some cases banning makes sense when people are egregiously harming other players. In this particular case that wasn't even true, this bug had been for a long time & most people didn't realize it was it was a real bug. Consider you still needed to pop into an instance, you still needed to fight the boss (but it wouldn't move) similar to the FBI (dungeon) boss, which was never fixed. It took only a few mins less than doing it "legit." That hardly meets anyone definition of abuse of other players financially or otherwise.
Anyway, even if as you point out- others disagree with you- they have little foundation to base their claims.

Gh05t25d ago

But the players are only hurting because the developers didnt notice or didnt test something well enough. Its the age old saying of "Dont hate the player, hate the game." The game only allows (assuming you are not literally hacking or sending extra packets) what the game allows. Even if it ruinssomething in the game, it was the devs that released it, for them to get mad at the players for playing the game as they released it is having an expectation that they never should have been allowed to have. I have agreed to many a ToS where the developer has made the expectation that I am not allowed to exploit the game. I have found many an exploit in games and reported them through bug reports in forums or PM so that the community at large doesnt know it exists. I just dont agree that a ban is ever the right way to handle the fault of the developers code, intentional or not, but I agree to them anyways and dont exploit it because it is an agreement I made. Doesnt make it the right way to handle it though.

harbie25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Won't let me reply to your follow up Gh05t. My point by egregious is proper hacking (ddos, packet shaping), exploiting things which harm players (stealing bugs, etc.). Obviously it's the devs fault.

Arkaneblaze25d ago

I would understand the people who are against the actions better had there not been people purposely asking for "glitch hunts" that wording is what shows that they were doing something wrong.

25d ago
psynetik25d ago

I'm more surprised by the fact that there are actually still people playing this shitty game.

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