Nintendo's Dragalia Lost Adds the Best Mobile Elements to a Deep ARPG - IGN

IGN's hands-on impressions of Nintendo's newest mobile game, the action RPG Dragalia Lost.


The ticking time bomb of modern free-to-play games

From The Verge: "Dragalia Lost launched in 2018 as a statement of intent from Nintendo in partnership with Japanese developer Cygames. Nintendo may have first jumped into the field of mobile games in 2016 with the launch of games like Super Mario Run and Miitomo, but this was the first original property the company had produced exclusively for mobile devices. This free-to-play gacha game (a game whose content is generally free to access while charging microtransactions for loot boxes and randomized lotteries for rare and limited-time characters) had a flashy multi-region launch campaign collaborating with major Japanese musician DAOKO, banking on the game’s success at home and abroad.

And it was a hit. Less than a year after launch, the game had already earned over $100 million, with a steady stream of merchandise following soon after. Yet, as of last month, Nintendo and Cygames published the game’s final update, and this week, it was revealed that the game would shut down on November 29th after just three years of operation."

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FinalFantasyFanatic676d ago

Pretty typical of mobile games, short lifespan, I see them as more as a quick money grab to be discarded once they're stopped racking in the dough (no point continuing to support it if it isn't bringing in a constant stream of cash).


Dragalia Lost will officially shut down on November 29

Dragalia Lost is one of the better mobile games out there and has been in the space for years. Now, it's coming to an end.

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Lore682d ago

Wow, really thought Nintendo was using this as a Segway to creating a massive third person RPG for Switch and as their new IP


Nintendo’s Dragalia Lost will end its story in July and shut down afterwards

From VGC: "Nintendo has announced that its mobile game Dragalia Lost will reach its conclusion this year, and will then be terminated.

In a statement on the game’s website, Nintendo confirmed that the mobile title – which was developed by Japanese mobile studio Cygames and published by Nintendo – will see its long-running story ending in July."

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CrimsonWing69843d ago

I had no idea this existed and somehow I don’t feel like I missed out.

Godmars290843d ago

You'd think they'd make a Switch standalone version.