What Does Marvel's Spider-Man Bring New To The Table?

David: In the current climate, it seems that no matter where you look, there’s another open-world game right around the corner. Most share and build upon gameplay mechanics between each other.

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AspiringProGenji22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

No, but it is still very fun to play. It doesn’t have to bring anything new necessary. Besides the game barely resembles Batman

Madmoose21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

Yeah, that's true. You don't always have to reinvent the wheel. And yeah, so long as it's fun man, just enjoy for what it is. However let's keep that in perspective next time another game comes up. After all, let's look at the way this board tried to shred Breath Of The Wild apart for not reinventing the wheel. Even though it could be argued that it did indeed bring quite a bit to the equation.

We are seeing a bit of that as we speak with Forza (even though they've done more than their fair share to spice it up). It just seems that this kind of sensible thinking & sentiment only seems to be applied to certain games and/or companies around here.

shinoff218321d ago

Your full of it. Zelda got mad praise around here and the gaming world. After playing it, I'm still not finished, ud personally say horizon zero dawn was better. I mentioned that and got down voted to all hell. With for a it's just racing. Truth is spiderman didn't have to bring anything new to the table. For me the lighting in it was fantastic, compared to batman, as it was always dark. That's not a knock on batman that's how batman's world is so to say. The batman games were fantastic. With super hero games how much more innovative can you really get. Good games are good games period

CarlDechance21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

"sensible thinking & sentiment only seems to be applied to certain games and/or companies around here"

Have you been on an island the last month or so? What did Spider-man have thrown at it before the first review even came out? Let's see. It was "too short" because a 20 hour campaign isn't long enough. It was graphically downgraded because a puddle of water was moved. And then the controversy over the costume not being shiny anymore....that was the epitome of "sensisible thinking" for a game and company that apparently get more than its share "around here", right? Oh.....and let's not pretend that the day Spider-man was announced that there wasn't a eruption of hate about the overuse of QTEs. Yeah....Sony and its games just gets a pass "around here".

If a game has the hint of a flaw then people will pounce on it...….and it doesn't matter what game or what company. Your problem is you only see it when you want to. Or more accurately, you only address it when it suits you.

P_Bomb21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

BS. Like Carl said: Spider-Man & puddlegate. The drama about QTEs which it barely had in the end. People who barely finish anything or take months/years if they do, suddenly concerned it’s too short. Ridiculousness. ‘nuff said

Days Gone. I can’t get through a talkback without one guy complaining they’ve shown too much and another guy complaining they’ve shown too little. Then another guy who doesn’t even play PS4 chimes in and it’s a straight flush of fud.

Death Stranding. Lotsa walking simulator bitching for an environmental stinger post E3. Then when it plays coy and mysterious, people complained about that too.

The Last Guardian. I could go on, but I didn’t hop in a Spider-Man article to deviate on Zelda and Forza.

sammarshall10222d ago

Spiderman does so many things well and saving victims from car crashes, disarming bombs and the high speed chases made the open world fun

Also the Taskmaster was awesome

Mr_Commander21d ago

what brings new to the table? how for a chenge a super amazing Spider-Man game? that's enough.

CarlDechance21d ago

Seriously. After years and years of average to ok games from Activision, we finally get a Spider-man game to be excited about. Insomniac and Sony execute it brilliantly. And personally, I don't give a damn about borrowing mechanics from other games (cuz every game does it) as long as it is makes the game great. Spider-man is a great game.

jaymacx21d ago

Having a great Spider-man game is new LOL. Playing as Spider-man at this level of quality is something we never experienced.

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