Episode 2 of The Walking Dead: The Final Season now available

Neil writes: "If you can put the troubles at Telltale to one side for a minute then there is slightly better news on the horizon - Episode 2 of The Walking Dead: The Final Season is here."

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PhoenixUp26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

I’d want the rest of the episodes to be available somehow for those who already paid for the entire season, but my hearts out to those unfortunate unemployed developers who didn’t even get severance pay

In fact Corey Barlog put it best when talking about Telltale possibly finishing the season.

“I would hope this means that you will first pay your entire team their severance, and then proceed to finish the final episodes. I would be fine waiting however long it took to ensure we first treated those who worked so hard with the humanity and respect they deserve.”

As well as Rami Ismail’s comment

“Save the people then the game, not the other way around.”