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With no events standing out as special, players are mostly invited to make their own fun rather than the curated journey that Forza Horizon has traditionally offered in between 6km powerslides. A pretty map with plenty to see can only keep a player for so long before they will be wondering 'what's next?'.

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ChristianReggieWait22d ago

Wow. Was expecting a lot more tbh?

PrimeVinister22d ago

It's still very good but not as novel or fresh as previous Forza games. Laws of diminishing returns apply, even in FH 😐

obscurenamedigit22d ago

Aye I'm enjoying it. But that said I stopped after the fh3 intro and didn't really burnout on the series, I think you'll find a lot of enjoyment from new eyes but if you're into racing games, ya might find it a bit of the same.

Elit3Nick22d ago

This one is a lot more novel than Horizon 3 was thanks to having all 4 seasons. Everyone else is posted better reviews than any previous Horizon games.

King_Noctis22d ago

Maybe read other positive reviews instead of nitpicking from a negative one?