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Playground Games continues to master the art of driving games that are both accessible and complex, and Horizon 4's meaningful changes keep the series lively and looking fantastic.

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UltraNova22d ago

Playground is on a roll! Well done!

lxeasy22d ago

And another flawless game for playground

sammarshall10222d ago

Forza Horizon 3 was the best racing game I've ever experienced it sounds like they just did it again

BenRC0122d ago

I couldn't imagine them ever topping fh3, racing game perfection.

sammarshall10222d ago

@BenRC01 Yes! FH3 was the perfect culmination of graphics, gameplay, music and fun I loved it

Team_Litt22d ago

Mmmmm. My body is ready. And so is my game pass. I'll be buying a physical copy too for when my GP runs out or this is removed from GP

UltraNova22d ago

Honest question here; why bother with GP to begin with?

Team_Litt22d ago

Uh because of the many awesome games on there? Hitman, DOOM, Fallout 4, Sea of this a real question?

lxeasy22d ago

Honest answer here @ultranova, why bother asking when you don't own an Xbox.

UltraNova22d ago

Team lit,

You yourself cast a shadow on wether having GP is worth it to begin with so yeah its a real you no longer need to answer.


Because I might be interested in buying one? Another reason, do you never express your opinion/thoughts on anything you dont own? Sheep much?

itsmebryan22d ago

For the price of 2 games you have access to over 100 for a year. I went all digital this time and it allows me to try games I missed or never thought of. It's a great deal since you get new releases the day they come out.

Team_Litt22d ago

I'm struggling to follow your logic here.
How does me buying a physical copy of 1 out of 150 + games on GP cast a shadow on its worth?
I have GP not just because of the new MS releases but also because of the many great games that I get to play that I might not have purchased otherwise like DOOM and Hitman.

GP was never meant to replace physical copies/game sales.

UltraNova22d ago (Edited 22d ago )


I never implied anything about the GP as a whole, I was referring to the one game you mentioned, FH 4....

Dont get carried away by the MS defence force.

BizarroUltraman22d ago

Ultra has been interested in buying a Xbox One since 2013, right?

Hes full of shit for that long as well. Its hard to push out without a fanboy laxative 😂

UltraNova22d ago

Oh I have a loyal follower ^^^, so cute.

Team_Litt22d ago

Woah woah chill bruh. There's no MS defense. You asked a question and I answered it.
If you meant to ask why I'm getting Forza on GP if I'm also getting a physical copy then you should have been specific and worded your question better.
I buy a physical copy of every Forza, always have and if the quality remains high, I always will.
I already have GP for the many great games I get for free (Microsoft rewards program) so it's a no brainer to download FH4 so I can enjoy the convenience of playing different games without having to change discs.

Does that adequately answer your question?

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gamer780422d ago

Best general racing game period, has been for a long time, can't wait!

BenRC0122d ago

Easily the best driving game ever, just bought a one X purely for this.

alb189922d ago

I knew it. On playground we can trust.

sammarshall10222d ago

Playground are masters of their craft

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