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A gorgeous, rewarding, and self-renewing driving experience that raises the open-world racing bar yet again.

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Kribwalker25d ago

Playground games with another racing masterpiece. I’m excited to see what they do with their new open world game. Great studio acquisition by MS

CarlDechance25d ago

Playground is by far Microsoft's best developer. Consistent excellence.

Army_of_Darkness25d ago

I probably won't get a xbone/x cause my PS4 pro is awesome and more than enough for this Gen( game wise), however I must give my respect to these developers cause this looks to be the best open world racing game this gen and Sony( so far) has no other racer that can touch this right now.... The ps4 seriously needs an exclusive open world racer to compete with these guys... regardless, well done Horizon 4! just giving credit where it's due.

badz14925d ago

WTH is this review? All the reviewer talking about are the looks/graphics of with very little mention of gameplay. After all the rave about the graphics, he then proceed to talk just a little on the number of cars? And that's it? Not even a single paragraph about the driving? The AI?...or you know...anything about GAMEPLAY?? Terrible review! "Car nerd" LOL nice try

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CitizenFour25d ago

It's a moot point. The gameplay is always good.. everybody and their dog knows it.

lptmg25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Talking about Forza Horizon's gameplay is as unnecessary as talking about a music game's sound design, we all know it's stellar

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darthv7225d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Uhh... that's because Playground nailed the gameplay a long time ago. They have been improving things graphically with each iteration.

Kribwalker25d ago


LOL way to put words in his mouth.

The game is way more than just upgraded graphics, but if you had played their last entry in the series you would have known that the gameplay was gonna be fantastic. Now it’s about all the extra stuff they have added and the new location

Kingthrash36025d ago

I'm on record as saying forza horizon is the best arcade racing game this gen....that said, a review should be a review. It's supposed to give more information than just how pretty it matter how the last game was, this is a new game and I expect a review from a huge gaming site like ign to be more detailed.
I dont doubt the score, I just wish the review was more informative

fiveby925d ago

I love how some mods just mark your comment as inappropriate. Such modding is often selectively enforced.

badz14924d ago


LOL why would I be upset? I hope you didn't just assume that I don't have a PC to run this game. you do know it's coming on PC too, right? I've played the demo, thank you very much and "stellar" is not the word I'm going to use for the gameplay/driving in this game. there is simply no weight to the cars and the driving feel floaty.

just read the freakin review! it's not a review, more like an ad for the graphics for this game.


talking about a core element of the game is unnecessary now for a sequel, ha? why? is it because it's the same game with different coat of paint? so in RDR2 reviews later on, they shouldn't mention anything about gameplay because it's RDR with improved graphics and just slap it with 10/10? that's like the dumbest argument I've heard so far.

BazzAckwards24d ago

What do u mean by "lol nice try"? U make it seem like ign is trying to pull a fast one. I read the review and watched the video, it's legit

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sammarshall10225d ago

Playground is so talented. I'm anxious to see what they can do with other genres

princejb13425d ago

i wonder also what else can they do? Some developer may dominate one game but when they try something new they fall flat on their face. Does bungie ring a bell?

ImGumbyDammit25d ago


But, Bungie didn't try something new. Destiny is just a continuation of what they were doing originally. Destiny is just Halo's brother from another mother.

bennissimo25d ago

Bungie's first game wasn't Halo. Halo WAS Bungie trying something new.

Obscure_Observer25d ago

Another awesome game from an awesome developer! Great Job Playground Games! I can´t wait for your Open World Action RPG! Hopefully it will feature "Seasons" as well. :)

BiggerBoss25d ago

YES. I can't wait for them to make something that's not a damn racing game lmao.

They're such talented devs that I think an rpg would be fantastic. A Fable game from Playground would be top notch

Ninja_Ryu25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Unfortunately this game won't sell well or at least the numbers Microsoft wants because of the user base.

Kribwalker25d ago

well the last one has had more then 10 million players, without being on gamepass and this one launching on gamepass day one, with better reviews than the last one, it’s gonna skyrocket the user base, which is what MS uses to judge success

Rhezin25d ago

no kidding if it's actually a BERSERK game I'm going to shit myself.

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InsaneGam3r25d ago

This is the best Horizon yet. The demo was mind-blowing

Zeref25d ago

So far, every Forza has been the best Forza yet, especially the Horizon series. How do they keep doing it?

markzzbr25d ago

@BiggerBoss and they are right every year.

gamer780425d ago

it was, best racing series ever.

BuildTheWall25d ago

There is no such thing as best game, series, genre, music, etc BEST is a personal preference. Is Forza Horizon 4 still releasing on October 2nd?

lxeasy25d ago

Definitely the best racing series

LucasRuinedChildhood25d ago

When it comes to the overall number of high quality games in the series, I'd have to agree but I'm more of a Burnout guy myself.

Kribwalker25d ago


Forza Horizon 3 has 10 million players

while GTSport has hit 5 million. And there’s almost exactly a year between them


definitely digging your downplaying tho

Obscure_Observer24d ago


"Gran Turismo and Need for Speed are like the only racing games that actually sel decently nowadays."

Wonder where did you got that info from?

Forza Horizon 3 sold 3.81 million copies

GT Sport sold 3.41 Million copies

Need for Speed: Payback (PS4) sold 1.89 million copies

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D3TH_D33LR25d ago

Lol it was with forza 7. That game went two steps backwards and was worse than forza 5.

King_Noctis25d ago (Edited 25d ago )


But this is Forza Horizon, not Forza Motorsport.

Gaming4Life198125d ago


Forza 7 is great and way better than forza 5 in everyway.

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TranceHop 25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Can't wait to play it on my One X Oct. 2nd.

jagermaster61925d ago

I'll be playing it this Thursday night see you on the track!

ProjectVulcan25d ago

Ultimate edition on PC the 28th of September 4K 60FPS here we come!

Neonridr25d ago

I think I will play @1440p instead and get like 144fps :P

CDbiggen25d ago

I'm so glad I don't need an Xbox for this.

Unreal0125d ago

Can't wait for this on PC. It looks and plays amazing.

Gaming4Life198125d ago

Yea I played the demo on my X and was blown away, cant wait until I can destroy this game like I have all forza games.

Team_Litt25d ago

Whoa! All hail the King of racing games. Nothing comes close at this point. Even with The Crew 2 and the last Need for Speed adding elements from Horizon, PG's winning formula cannot be duplicated

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