We're Worried The New Tomb Raider Is Getting Overshadowed

Kotaku discuss their concerns about how little buzz Shadow of the Tomb Raider has generated, and theorise as to why that might be.

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TheEnigma3132116d ago

Wrong time releasing around spiderman. They should have held off until March.

gillri2116d ago

I dont know what Square Enix were thinking launching ROTR on a far less popular platform (as well as the Playstation brand being alot more allied with the Tomb Raider one) and then on the same day as the multi-platform hype fuelled behemoth that was Fallout 4.
I don't think being very similiar to the 2013 reboot helped either and I really think it damaged the momentum of this rebooted series and hence here we are with very little hype for the 3rd installment.

Having said that I will get this (and Spiderman) further down the line

UltraNova2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

To add to your comment they shouldn't have released the games back to back, 3 to 4 years apart would of helped greatly in building up anticipation.

Oh and hurry up and buy Spider-Man, you'll be blown away.

bouzebbal2116d ago

Nothing wrong is releasing it next to Spiderman.. no one expected the massive success of it.
I think TR is also a huge name in gaming. I just think the series is held back by the new formula, by being an Uncharted clone.
I really think and hope Shadow is the last one of this type, and that they will go back to the roots like RE7 did brilliantly.

Seafort2116d ago

Oh I didn't know Spider-Man released on PC and Xbox as well?

The gaming world does not revolve around the Playstation release schedule. Maybe they should have skipped the PS4 release till there's a free gap and just released on PC and Xbox.

I actually enjoyed Shadow much more than the first 2 games. It went back to it's roots of actually raiding tombs and exploring but I played on PC which according to you doesn't seem to exist outside your world view.

CrimsonWing692116d ago

Then it would sell way less...

trooper_2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

That's not what he said or implied.

ShadowWolf7122116d ago

There there, sweetie. Did that mean ol' comment hurt your feelings?

Nyxus2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

"Maybe they should have skipped the PS4 release till there's a free gap and just released on PC and Xbox."

If you look at the UK charts from when the game released, it actually sold even worse on Xbox One than it did on PS4. So I don't think that would have been a good idea.

"The gaming world does not revolve around the Playstation release schedule."

Actually, it kinda does. Simply because the PS4 is by far the most popular platform right now. It would be foolish to ignore this factor.

starchild2116d ago

Yeah, I'm playing it on PC too and I agree that it's the best game in the reboot trilogy for my tastes. It's a thoroughly enjoyable game. If people choose to miss out on it it's their loss.

I also know what you mean about the neurotic attitudes towards the PC of a lot of users on this site. The only time the PC matters to those people is when it gives them an excuse to downplay the other console, in all other circumstances they bash and downplay PC gaming.

Antnee5342116d ago

I think this game would have been better if released in december. The only game in that month is smash and they could have found some week to get the most out of it.

starchild2116d ago


That's not true. The number of PS4s sold does not surpass the number of PC gamers, let alone being "by far the most popular platform right now". That claim isn't even remotely accurate. Again, unless you pretend the PC doesn't exist.

ShadowWolf7122116d ago

Speaking historically, however, the majority of the Reboot Trilogy's sales have come from PlayStation. When you lose a good chunk of that to another AAA title that launched just before yours, that WILL hurt.

Especially your pride after you go out of your way to announce you're not worried about said game.

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I doubt it has to do with Spider-Man release( although it plays a factor) but I think most people now prefer the Uncharted series over this.

Lighter92116d ago

They also released Rise on the same day that Fallout 4 came out. How dumb.

2116d ago
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GamerzElite2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

Problem is not Spiderman released, problem is SoTR has no gameplay, look like some one compiled all cut scene in game. If you played last Tomb Raider game then no matter what you will be disappointed, where is gameplay action in game? I played Rise of Tomb raider more than 4 times never get bored but what SoTR offer? a compilation of cut scene!

I bought this game to play not watching a long cg showcase.

warriorcase2116d ago

It has the same gameplay as the last game but with more emphasis on exploring over combat but still pretty similar. And they both have cutscenes through out. What are you even on about?

neutralgamer19922116d ago


There is a lot less focus on combat and you can't do that when the original reboot had a lot of combat and rise had its fair share. But shadow of the tomb raider lacks in moment to moment combat gameplay

You can't be releasing around Spiderman and other much bigger AAA IP's because tomb raider IP is not on that level recognition wise

This should have either be released around July or August or delay it till early next year

I just don't get it if us the gamers can see a bad release window how come publishers don't

Lighter92116d ago

Shadow of the TR is boring to me. There's this boring open world stuff that is so boring, along with purchasing some of the tools like the lockpick instead of finding it. Now, I love open world games, but this is one example of boring open world. Rise is my favorite.

sprinterboy2116d ago

Think your over reacting there

CarlDechance2116d ago

Problem is Spiderman released.


I doubt it @carl ... tombradar is multiplat so Xbox fanbase can purchase it if they want too. But it’s not still doing great. I think the problem is people now prefer the Uncharted series over Tomb radar.

CarlDechance2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )


I don't think it is a stretch to say that Shadow of TR would have sold a hell of a lot more if Spider-man wasn't on shelf next to it. Uncharted has always outsold TR. That doesn't make TR a bad game or a game people don't want to play. It just was never going to beat Spider-man and is actually suffering in sales because Spider-man's huge shadow. (damn right I intended that pun :-) )

CrimsonWing692116d ago

No, it’s due to it releasing a week after Spider-Man and a month before COD and Red Dead. It’s more likely people will choose those games and wait for a price drop for Shadow.


Yh but the reviews did not help either. To many mix reviews , gets a 9 at IGN and a 6 at gamespot?? Lol.. talk about constract of opinions. This franchise dose not have long legs anymore.

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ninsigma2116d ago

Why single out this game to be worried about when tonnes of games do worse than expected and not a peep from anyone?? It's not the most popular game atm, big deal.

SegaGamer2116d ago

Exactly. Games are getting released every week. I bet there are better games than Tomb Raider getting released that are going under the radar right now.

ninsigma2116d ago

Yeah precisely. It's not journalists job to "worry" about particular games. Is this a paid for piece or have some particular motive for writing it?? Can't stand Kotaku.

Sono4212116d ago

Why are you so defensive? It's a big deal because this series is big, it's a AAA game and it seems to be getting almost completely ignored. Which to me doesn't bother me at all, I wasn't nearly as impressed with the reboot as everyone else seemed to be.

You say "tonnes of games do worse than expected and not a peep from anyone??" Are you referring to indie titles? Small games? Well of course, no one says anything because they aren't expected to do very well or garner a lot of buzz, and if one does the media points it out because it's a big deal. Every game that sells below expectations or any popular series that starts to be ignored is always pointed out by the media for better or worse(Battlefield and Call of Duty come to mind immediately). Quit acting like Tomb Raider is unfairly being singled out like you helped develop the game or something.