Forza Horizon 4 Review \\ paulsemel

While "Forza Horizon 4" is yet another solid open world racing game, it has some issues that made it less interesting for me (though your mileage may differ).

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Imortus_san26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Taken from the review text:
"But the biggest change in Forza Horizon 4 is that the competition is slightly more fierce. It’s a bit annoying, though not as much as it could’ve been since you don’t have to win, or even come in the top three slots, to earn points and unlock new events (though this, unto itself, is a bummer if you’re the super competitive type). Still, losing three or four races in a row, and badly, did prompt me to quit in anger a couple times, and I say that as someone who’s not very competitive."

"And while this is something I’d want to do even if I liked the music in this game, it’s even more imperative given how the music they did include is just awful."

"While not everyone will be annoyed by the aforementioned issues, the inability to disengage Forza Horizon 4‘s seasonal system didn’t bother me,"

"The cumulative effect of these irritations…is that Forza Horizon 4 is slightly less engaging than Forza Horizon 3, which was itself slightly less engaging than Forza Horizon 2 (though all have more to offer than the original)."

hahahaha, wow, really what a crap player you are reviewer, and that a bunch of crap.