Dakar 18 throws up the dirt with a special limited time Day One Edition

Neil writes: "We all know about the Dakar Rally. But do we have the skills to be able to compete in the world famous race? Well, right now we get the chance to find out!"

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Imortus_san26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

The game looks like shit, wtf did they had in there heads, the sand just looks and plays like normal dirt/gravel terrain what a let down.

marquisray25d ago

u don't even have the game or probably a xbox lol

Imortus_san25d ago

Are you saying you have no eyes in your face, you cant distinct good games from bad games, WTf are you on.

2ndhandcorn25d ago

Would give it a go the team seemed passionate about the race it is on my list .