Resistance 2 Preview (Gamer 2.0)

Chris Selogy writes "With Resistance 2 nearing completion, Insomniac has decided to open up the game to the public with a new beta. Though this beta looks to help them get their servers up to snuff in time for the game's launch in a few weeks, it's also a chance to see how the multiplayer and co-op works in action. So is there reason to be excited to venture beyond the single-player campaign with Insomniac's highly-anticipated Resistance 2?:

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AmpedMan3648d ago

Resistance 2 (along with LittleBigPlanet) should really help Sony's holiday lineup to compete with Microsoft's Gears of War 2 and Fable 2.

Miraak82 3648d ago

Hehe i just got a R2 beta code from Playstation underground, I'm so excited !!!!! DL at 14%

Ps3Fanboy7773648d ago

Cant wait to play just got my code probably a half hour ago!! So stoked!

CrashSpyro1233648d ago

The co-op is really what sets this game apart from the other FPS games coming out this fall. It's fun just being a spec-ops and making sure everybody has ample amount of ammo or a medic keeping everybody with full health.