Is the Era of Single-player Rockstar DLC Over?

The days of Liberty City Stories seem to be over. What does that mean for Undead Nightmare?

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Profchaos119d ago

Hope not they made the best single player dlc. TBOGT, TLAD and the undead nightmare pack were incredible.

optimus119d ago

good lord i hate acronyms.😒 what do those initials even mean?? why do people assume everyone knows what every acronym means? has society become that lazy that they can't spell words out?.... anyway, according to most of the previews I've read or heard about red dead 2. this game will reinvigorate the single player genre making all developers take note and invest back into producing single player games.

Profchaos119d ago

If you're a fan of rockstar then it's instantly recognised online as the ballad of gay tony and the lost and the dammed. Pretty much never see it referred to by its full name lazy maybe but the titles are quite lengthy.


Yeah if you're familiar with Rockstars games its pretty obvious what the dlc is

optimus119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

well, you can be a fan of a company and not buy every single thing they put out. 🙄...
i heard about those dlc stories but i tend not to buy dlc's unless they are $5 or less and far as those dlc stories for grand theft auto 4 , i figured they were just a few missions that could be finished in 2 hours or so, and i didn't think they were worth it at $15 each at the the time they came down in price i had moved on to the xbox-1 and had no real desire to go back and play on the 360...

However, i did end up getting red dead Redemption about 2 yrs after released, the collectors edition which included the undead nightmare for $15 used...and that to me was worth it as it was like getting an entire new game for free...
to this day i have yet to finish the undead nightmare as it seems about as long as the regular game.

Profchaos119d ago

I get that you can be a fan of a company and not buy every product I'm also a bethesda fan and a big fallout fan but I'm not interested in 76 since it seems light on story. However I still know about their products and what they are Making.

Those dlc packs for gta 4 were lengthy tbogt took 20 hours and tlad took 15 hours to complete much more than the normal small mission packs that other company's put out there. Also they were new protagonists and story lines and they were essentially brand new games in the same world the story's all intertwine and you can't say you actually played gta 4 and appreciated its story without playing the dlc packs alongside it. I just replayed them recently and the story still holds up.

Basically undead nightmare was a little different to the gta story packs it wasn't structured like a traditional game you had to go out and find things yourself to progress the game instead of just playing missions like a regular gta game so I get why people don't finish that one.


Damn dude R* put some of the best dlc out last gen with a real nice fresh and large amount of content. My favorite Dlc ever has to be undead nightmare. Keeping my fingers crossed that there is a undead nightmare 2 in RDR2

optimus119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

I'm not saying that those dlc packs were bad. i was looking at it from the average dlc packs that are just made to nickle and dime you with similar missions and new accessories as the original game they stem from and so, i never gave them a chance. i did read a few reviews about them on how great they were, and i had planned to buy them even at $8 but by then i figured if it was more of the same as grand theft 4 (which i wasn't too thrilled with) then i eventually lost interest and forgot about them....

after playing some of undead nightmare, i now know rockstar puts a lot of time and effort into their dlc packs and will consider buying them once they release.

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WitcheRivia119d ago

Yes. It's all microtransactions from now on. Don't expect a new game either because they already plan to port over the old games to new platforms so people can continue getting nickled & dimed through their online content.

michaelknight35119d ago

I would say yes them R* days of making good single player dlc is gone