A sliver of hope keeps Telltale games The Walking Dead: The Final Season alive.

While this certainly won't bring those now dead (and zombified?) jobs back to life, the possibility of "potential partners" coming in and saving the day is nice to think about.

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PhoenixUp27d ago

If they were to finish the season, which they should since many people already paid for it and they’d get lawsuits on their hands if they neglect to, they’d be considered the literal Walking Dead

ArchangelMike26d ago

It's just not right that they would contract new people to come in and finish the game - when the previous employees got the sack with no severance pay. They need to first pay their (ex)employees, and then refund everyone that bought a season pass for this game. Then they can shut their doors and go home.

GtPawnSacrifices26d ago

Not always that simple. I work as a contractor and showed up to this retail chain to do my biz and they were shut. I asked the store besides them and was told they walked out around lunchtime and locked the doors.
FYI it was a tech biz & official Apple resale/repair centre. Meaning ppls iphones,iPads and Macs in for service were literally locked beyond their reach.
In short, the biz went belly up. Their debt (that exceeded their income) was called in and management simply couldn’t pay their employees. I don’t know what happened after that. A week or so went by with nothing happening then the store was gutted and now sits as an Asian itemed supermarket.
So unless someone has a Rick Sanchez portal gun and we can obtain a finished Walking Dead from an Earth where TTg didn’t die, then it’s just wait and see I guess.

Enigma_209926d ago

Yeah... who cares about what buls*** they've pulled with their employees. We want the next chapter of their famous copy/paste game template!
F*** Telltale Games.