The Road to Fallout 76 from Fallout 4: The long and lonely road comes to an end

With Fallout 76 on its way, it’s time to begin wishing farewell to Fallout 4 and prepare for some online coop adventures.

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smolinsk115d ago

No thanks I will wait for fallout 5, this pvp in I dead world without any npcs is going to suck big time.

kikicub115d ago

Exactly! This thing cannot replace Fallout 4, you need a proper Fallout title for that.

Valiar115d ago

It's sad to see a beloved franchise going to the trend of battle royale shit!

Profchaos115d ago

This article was just weird do people legit keep a jurounal about a game and write it like it's real life?.

ThatDudeMunkee111d ago

The journal was a metaphor for the overall experience. An idea of "what was and could have been" mental note. No, I didn't actually keep a journal when playing outside of locales I needed to go back to and couldn't mark on the map due to other markers.