Single-Player games with microtransactions; screw that

With the inclusion of microtransactions in Devil May Cry 5, one writer talks about why he's against the controversial practice in single-player games and why enough is enough.

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Just another reason am forever loyal to Sony and there single player games. 🤗... So far we keep supporting them , we will all be fine.

Eiyuuou26d ago

Something tells me you weren't really interested to begin with. Call it a hunch.

Jinger27d ago

If ya'll dummies want to pay to progress. Go for it. I'm sure some people would love that in Dark Souls games haha

I aint touching that with a 10' pole. Does the author know that these MT's were also in the Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition?

Eiyuuou26d ago

And also, to a lesser extent though, in the reboot.

Jinger26d ago

DmC had them also!? I didn't even notice that. Most not have been intrusive then.

Eiyuuou26d ago

Indeed they weren't really intrusive. I said to a less extent because of the way it was done.

Lo and behold:

william_cade26d ago

Don't give FromSoftware any ideas XD They did it right with Dark Souls (1,2,3)

Jinger26d ago

Right? haha

$9.99 for 50,000 souls!

Kashima27d ago

Losers will still buy them that why the companies will keep adding more microtransactions since it's easy money for them, oh god i miss ps2 era, i'll pick the game when it's 19$ on sales no way i'll pay full price

ArchangelMike26d ago

Yeah, I'll pass on the game entirely. Since they have built the game from the ground up with microtransactions in mind, it means the gameplay will be deliberately skewed towards it. You will inevitable get some sections that will deliberately be harder, or require more orbs than you would ordinarily get from just playing the game. In other words, the game is designed to screw you over so you end up giving in and purchasing the microtransactions just to progress.

Jim explains it best :

Gahl1k26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Don't Asians love this kind of grinding? They will love this game.

What you just described reminds me of Dark Souls. Imagine if there had been purchasable Souls, FromSoftware would have made boatloads full of money.

JackBNimble26d ago

"losers will still buy them"
Yet you openly admit that you will still support the game when ever it goes on sale.

If you don't support the practice of loot box's, then don't support the game at any price point.

You guy's who bitch about MT'S yet make excuses about why you still bought or plan on buying these games, are part of the problem.
If you want MT's to go away then stop supporting these developers.

Relientk7727d ago

Microtransactions and loot boxes are trash, keep them out of games.

ArchangelMike26d ago

Pay extra money through microtransactions to save time playing your game? I have an even better idea, I'll just save even more time by not buying the game in the first place, and have the added bonus of not spending any money on your game.

Jim Sterling said it best

This practice really has to stop. We don't believe the lies anymore.

Eiyuuou26d ago

Or you could just take a 'wait and see' approach? I'm quite confident that at release it will be proven that all your fears are for naught and that the MT's haven't impacted the game at all.

Just because a game has them, doesn't mean the game has been built around it.

Highlife26d ago

You need to stop. Mt's are terrible. They are destroying gaming. Simple things that were free are now paid. Or you have to grind for an insane amount of time. Stop being an apologist.

Eiyuuou26d ago

Not an apologist. I don’t like MT’s either.

I just prefer reasonable thinking over blind hatred.

ArchangelMike26d ago

Quote - "Just because a game has them, doesn't mean the game has been built around it."

That is categorically false. Please read the article before commenting. Capcom confirm in the article that this game is specifically built around microtransactions. They even detail how they decided what skills would be cheaper and what skills would be more expensive.

Quote - "I just prefer reasonable thinking over blind hatred."

Nobody has said or done anything hateful in this entire thread. You've just made up and imaginary straw man argument. More importantly your reasoning in this instance is 'blind' because the article clearly is about how Capcom explain this game is built around microtransactions. Read the article first them 'reason' from an informed position.

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