Modern Gaming: Has Outrage Become More Important Than Enjoyment?

BBG Writes: "I take a look at gaming today and ask whether or not we're forgetting the most important part of video games."

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drizzom22d ago

I dunno, ask the journalist that love to stir that shit up all the time.

SegaGamer22d ago

Exactly this. Just look at the reaction to Sony and crossplay. They won't shut up about it.

Arty8422d ago

Everyone wants to be " on the right side of history"

SegaGamer22d ago

If game devs and publishers would stop treating their customers like idiots and with contempt, maybe the gamers wouldn't have become so bitter. Things started to go down hill last gen, when games went from being all about fun to being about quick cash grabs with crappy DLC, Microtransactions and broken and/or buggy games at launch. It was only then that I started to see a change in attitude from gamers towards gaming. The reason why a lot of gamers moan about even the smallest of things is because the trust has been broken, and it's something that may now be impossible to fix. If this was the 6th gen era, you wouldn't see fans get so up in arms over small and trivial things, because back then, there was trust and gamers felt they like they knew where they stood and what they were getting.

franwex22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

Gamers vote with their wallets. Overwhelmingly they want microtransactions unfortunately.

TheColbertinator22d ago

Yes and no. They want MTs for the better quality or popular games. Not every game will succeed regardless of MTs.

SurgicalMenace22d ago

Companies are only treating customers like they show them they're willing to be treated.

Muzikguy22d ago

This is so true. Last gen definitely had a downfall in trust between consumer and developer/publisher. The fact that systems were connected online made it easier to fix problems so the term lazy started to get thrown around. With good reason too

SurgicalMenace22d ago

It would seem that way, people are no longer satisfied with personal enjoyment. If the masses don't also agree with their views they have a reason to speak out. This comes from all the parents, teachers, etc telling these talentless, spoiled, do nothings that their thoughts matter and they're special. Now they are motivated to speak, not even bothering to not be idiots first. We are in a "all about me" society now, so if everyone is about self where can any enjoyment be found?

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