Animal Crossing, Pokemon, and Luigi: Nintendo's 2019 lineup is stacked

Nintendo is setting themselves up for a killer 2019, and Nintendo Enthusiast breaks down why.

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TekoIie55d ago

It rivals their 2017 lineup and that had two games that were GOTY calibre. I'd actually argue it's better when you consider how much more varied the titles are.

LaWiiG55d ago

My wallet can’t keep up forrrrr reallll

Benjaminkno55d ago

I’m down with Luigi’s mansion.

But when is the Metroid 4 game, hopefully holiday 2019?!
I’m so tired of not hearing anything about it.
It’s really all I want to play right now.

PhoenixUp55d ago

2018’s first party lineup really pales in comparison to the first year with only two titles being a saving grace

Marcus Fenix55d ago

well, speaking as a non Wii U owner, I had fun with games I missed like Captain Toad and DK Tropical Freeze, but for those who already owned a Wii U, I agree this yeer's lineup isn't as dense or attractive as 2017's

DJK1NG_Gaming55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Big Exclusives for Switch in 2019:
Luigi's Mansion 3 - 3-6 Million sales potential
Animal Crossing - 10-20 million sales potential
Daemon X Machina - 500k-1 million sales potential
Fire Emblem: Three Houses - 2-5 million sales potential
Pokemon Generation 8 - 10-30 million sales potential
Yoshi's Crafted World - 1-3 million sales potential
Bayonetta 3 - 700k-2 million sales potential
Shin Megami Tensei V - 500k-2 million sales potential
Game Freak's New IP Town - 100k-1 million sales potential

Metroid Prime 4 isn't coming next year but it will be lucky too.
Til need the reveal of Pikmin 4