Dragon Quest XI Modders Fix the Game's 'Worst' Feature

Twinfinite writes "Dragon Quest XI is a damn good video game. But if there’s one aspect to the experience that has driven me absolutely insane over the course of my first twenty hours with the game, it’s that damn MIDI-soundtrack."

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NewoNewo120d ago

I’m so glad someone highlighted this! It’s a bizarre concept to incorporate a midi soundtrack instead of an orchestral game in a current gen console RPG that looks and plays beautifully. Given it’s a lot more ‘realistic’ visually, I’d also expect a more ‘realistic’ soundtrack to accompany it.

The reasoning is simply ridiculous and I’m surprised the publisher’s granted the composer’s request to only include an inferior and unsuitable version of the OST, just to increase sales of an independent album. Honestly seems a little greedy. Why spend all that time, money and resources creating a big game but downgrade the music soundtrack? If he’s really that desperate, at least making it an in-game purchase or something!

I hope this gets recognised and an update is released particularly for consoles. The music exists, so I can’t see it being a difficult integration.

kevnb120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

Most of its sales will be from japan, in japan customers wanted the midi for nostalgia. We still got voice acting though, something the japanese version didnt have.

3-4-5119d ago

You guys are lame.

The music is good. MIDI is data not sound.

Using MIDI allowed you to use any source sound you want and allows some unique sounds within the game that otherwise wouldn't be possible with a standard orchestra.

The music is awesome in this game and I actually prefer it the way it is.

With an orchestra, everything always sounds exactly the same, no matter who is playing any of the instruments....there is no room for variation in source sound.

NewoNewo119d ago

I think when we say ‘midi’ we mean the same sort of music style that you achieve via midi.

It seems that it was probably intentional, but many including myself believe a less midi-like and more orchestral soundtrack would’ve been a much better experience.

CarlDechance120d ago

Personally I like the music just the way it is.

CBaoth120d ago

Thanks I was just gonna type this. Maybe MIDI is a tad on the cheap side in this day and age, but I kinda look at it like a homage to all those old school JRPGs we grew up playing in the 80s and 90s

NewoNewo120d ago

Sure, it’s a nice homage. But perhaps it could’ve been an interchangeable option, or maybe even a bonus option available once you achieve something in game...