With what looks an awful lot like a boss fight, has Death Stranding just shed some of its mystery?

There are few pleasures in life as rich and thrilling as those offered following the spectacle of a Hideo Kojima game as it crawls into the light. Kojima is a wonderful game designer, but what he really excels at these days is this. The protracted and bizarro reveal, often employing Geoff Keighley.

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strayanalog22d ago

First off, you're looking way too much into it. And secondly, Kojima‎ is not Kubrick.

Atticus_finch21d ago

He certainly isn't Kubrick. And like Kubrick, Kojima has no comparison.

jznrpg21d ago

No idea. I don’t watch or read about games I am certain I will buy. Why people are so worried it’s just a walking simulator doesn’t make sense to me, he never made one before

Atticus_finch21d ago

"Walking simulator" Don't exist, it's just a term haters made up for games that focus on or have good stories.
Anyways Kojima's games are known for the creative and intricate gameplay. He will undoubtedly deliver.

RabbitFly20d ago

Well. Walking simulator doesn't have to be a deragetory term.

And it does to some degree described some games with accuracy.

Games like Dear Esther or Firewatch are great as storytelling devices with minimal interactive elements.

Christopher20d ago

I disagree. You must not have played Everybody Has Gone To The Rapture. They do exist, but I do agree it's misused to explain certain games (like The Order).

CDzNutts20d ago

I cant find any information confirming its a walking sim. Can you share a link?

DivineAssault 21d ago

Im definitely giving this game a shot. I like the mystery surrounding it

UltraNova21d ago

Mystery thats surrounded by weirdness! Cant wait!

Inzo21d ago

This game has Kojima written all over it and I cant wait to get my hands on it. This along with Ghost of Tsushima are my most anticipated games for 2019 pending release date conformation of course.

mkis00721d ago

Kojima has a style no one replicates. I think his game will be another work of art.

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