For All Parties Involved, Telltale's Demise is Depressing AF

Twinfinite Writes: News of layoffs and a potential closure of Telltale Games has dominated the news this week, and while we don't know the full truth of everything quite yet, it's been a rough time for anyone invested in Telltale, in any way.

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wesleyleblanc77d ago

Telltale's closing still has me sick to my stomach. Such a big loss for the industry.

ElementX77d ago

Sick to your stomach? Seriously? Their games were copy/pasted across multiple IPs using the same dated engine and stale mechanics.

PhantomS4276d ago

For real. It really is an awful situation for the developers though.

ZeekQuattro77d ago

Licensing was the companies undoing. TWD season 1 was their only true success in the end. Most people just ended up waiting until all the episodes were out and discounted or free. Live was good for putting up seasons for free. I'm sure PSN was no different.

Platformgamer76d ago

yeah, so depressing...
*opens a bottle of champagne*