Upload VR: Dreams Might Make The Metaverse A Reality Sooner Than You Think

Upload VR: We've played just a slither of Media Molecule's Dreams on a standard display, and its enough to solidify our belief that it's one of PSVR's most important games.

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crazyCoconuts23d ago

I wonder if they could/would provide a service you'd access on a PC to export a saved Dreams world to a Unity project. So that creators could take their games cross-platform. They spoke about exporting objects earlier, wondering how far they'll go...

crazyCoconuts23d ago

Thanks. That falls in the exporting "objects" category. The next level of that, which would be radical I think, would be to export working code (in C++ I'd imagine) that implements the world that was created, including the logic, importable into the Unity environment. It would probably require them to expose a lot of their IP (assuming their runtime engine is an interpreter), but man that would be open and powerful. Make a game in dreams and, with a little extra work, have it run on Android and iOS? I'm probably just Dreaming ..