AtomicGamer: Far Cry 2 Review

Far Cry 2 includes a lengthy campaign that will take 25+ hours to complete, even if at least half of that time is spent just driving across the game's 50 square-kilometer area. The action is great and your ability to plan an assault your own way makes for a lot of fun and really channels what made Crytek's first game so compelling in the first place. Sure, the story kind of falls flat with its fictional African country and made-up conflict, but the firefights are the big draw here and the game can easily rely on them for most of its entertainment.

The online play is made unique with its map editor and online rating system, but it still really hinges on whether gamers can make the most of the editor and the final quality of the maps made - if the community really comes forward, then Ubisoft will have a major hit on their hands in both offline and online play. Either way, Far Cry 2 should be pretty close to the top of any console FPS fan's list this holiday season.

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