Switch vs PS4 vs Xbox One Global Lifetime Sales – August 2018

During the month of August 2018, the PlayStation 4 outsold the Switch by 30,490 units for the month and the Xbox One by 529,061 units. The Switch outsold the Xbox One by 498,571 units.

When you compare monthly sales to a year ago, the Xbox One and Switch are up, while the PS4 is down. The Xbox One is up 162,500 units, the Switch is up 278,405 units, and the PS4 is down 94,548 units.

Taking a look at the marketshare, the PlayStation 4 managed to achieve 42 percent. The Switch accounted for 40 percent of the consoles sold, and the Xbox One 18 percent.

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Relientk7726d ago

PS4 on the way to selling over 100 million units.

JaguarEvolved26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Reality of console sales

PlayStation 4 Total Sales: 82,303,287

Xbox One Total Sales: 38,691,236

Switch Total Sales: 20,058,577

DJK1NG_Gaming25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

3 months ago was at 19 million sorry but no the Switch is not at 20 million. It between 22-23 million

lxeasy24d ago

With Spider Man and Forza Horizon 4 out we should see big bumps for PS4 and Xbox One in September

UKRsoldierPRO24d ago

Lol, people have been saying the X1 is at 38 million for 6 months now.

EddieNX 26d ago

No one expected the Switch to do as well as it has. We should get some amazing games for it with Nintendo throwing all their resources at one platform from now on.

FallenAngel198425d ago

Pretty close for PS4 and Switch

Inzo24d ago

So much for all that Xbox 1x power. I think this proves beyond doubt that power, while its great and all, isnt the primary feature that gamers want but rather great quality games and that is exactly what Sony is delivering. Now with Spider-Man also released I would love to see what the sales will be for September.

blm50424d ago

Slick side hate if you want to but from someone who has the 1x and the PS4 PRO it's clearly the 1x is hands the best console out of the 2

xHeavYx24d ago

Can you explain what makes the Xbox the best of the 2 in your opinion? Can you also explain why it's selling so bad compared to the other consoles?

mkis00724d ago

I have them both as well and for me the Ps4pro is the best I guess we cancel each other out?

Or do you just mean X has the better resolution?

Realms23d ago

In your opinion right? There is no right or wrong answer if all you care about it resolution and FPS PC is clearly a better option if you can afford it. As for consoles there is no right or wrong answer if you like PS4's AAA exclusives then Sony is the better option they do have more games, if BC and services is your thing then maybe the xbox one is a better option for you. Just because the x is a better option for "YOU" doesn't mean it's the best option for everyone the same can be said for all the consoles.

lxeasy24d ago

@inzo no is denying that games matter the most. As a matter of fact phill even said they have to do a better job in that department. Are you going to spit the same crap every month when vgchartz releases their sales figures. Cause its getting really old now. we get it the ps4 will continue to outsell xbox no one cares anymore.

paintedgamer198424d ago

Actually, xb1 consumers dont care anymore to keep having egg on their face. Where was this "no one cares anymore" when last gen year after year the xbox crowd trolled the ps3 with doom and gloom sony is going bankrupt articles every day? Now that the xb1 is the laughing stock of the generation the xbox guys dont like it too much.

On topic

All consoles are doing well. Even nintendo and ms are showing goy

mkis00724d ago

Kinda crazy how much the ps4 has been down and yet keeps ahead of the 2 others which are up.

Inzo24d ago

I reckon this month could very well be a record month in some shape or form for Sony in terms of consoles sold.

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