RDR2 Has 'Nuts' Physics & The Most Detailed Interiors of an Open World Yet, Says Noclip's O'Dwyer

Journalist Danny O'Dwyer played Red Dead Redemption 2 and stated it has "nuts" physics as well as the most detailed interiors ever seen in an open world yet.

He also said this might do for emergent storytelling what GTA 3 did for creating a believable open world city.

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Chris_Wray77d ago

It sounds like it should be good. Really looking forward to it, though very disappointed that there's no sign of a PC release.

codelyoko77d ago

It's Rockstar's loss of a huge player base

nucky6477d ago

they've managed to do ok without releasing RDR1 to pc.

77d ago
Brave_Losers_Unite77d ago

Its their fault for not wanting to buy a console

AngainorG7X77d ago


The best place to play the game will be on the X. Since when install base enchances a game..?

Bruh77d ago

YESS, I completely forgot that having more players on my console suddenly makes the graphics looks nicer...stupid me

jznrpg77d ago

They will make a shitload just on PlayStation. Why they don’t bring it to PC is odd but they must have some reasoning

1nsomniac76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

The only reason RDR1 didn’t make it to pc is because of the difficulty they had developing it in the first place (I’m assuming it was the way they used the architecture maybe). They said it would be almost impossible to bring it to PC. RDR2 will make it to PC that is guaranteed.

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porkChop77d ago

Rockstar's PC releases always come later. Hopefully the first game gets ported to PC first though.

porkChop77d ago

I hope you realize that RDR is one of the only games Rockstar haven't ported to PC in the last decade. They built up a studio that exclusively ports all of Rockstar's games to PC.

RizBiz76d ago

I hope you realise this article is about RDR2, the sequel to RDR. There's absolutely no reason to presume RDR2 will release on PC if RDR still hasn't yet.

Cmv3877d ago

Rockstar prefers to make console games, just like other developers prefer to make PC only games. Money is often the biggest factor, and maybe rockstar at the moment does not feel the money is worth it. Console master race and all that jazz.

Alexious77d ago

I don't think that's it. Max Payne 3 launched day and date on PC, and GTA always comes to PC anyway.

77d ago
solidossnakos77d ago

Well Rockstar knows that the game will sell a huge amount on consoles, and will continue to sell on PC when it releases like GTA V did.
If they release the game simultaneously on consoles and PC, many will chose pc for the graphics and bigher modding community, so thats a loss for them.
As a pc gamer I did buy gta v on ps4 and pc.
And for now I'm buying RDR2 on xbox one cause my brother took the ps4 (studying in Germany) so he'll buy it also.
And when the pc version releases 1-2 years from now, I'll buy it.

rpvenom77d ago

Can someone educate me (not joking). I feel like if they release for PC.. one it opens them up to people pirating their game on PC... and secondly.. this is where I am uneducated.. if a game is released on PC.. other dev and companies can break down their engines or files to see how they were able to create and produce the game.. by that logic, couldn't they utilize that information to create a similar game or utilized certain components to make their game better? Also analyze all the different engines, tech, etc and transfer that knowledge into their games? Again I geniunely have no idea as I am speculating as I assume that is how MODs are made, because they have access to the files that make the game..

porkChop77d ago

Piracy has been proven to not affect sales. The people who pirate almost always had no intention of buying the game anyway.

As for other devs reverse engineering Rockstar's code, they can do that with console games. Having a PC version doesn't affect that.

shaggy230376d ago


See, I totally disagree that "The people who pirate almost always had no intention of buying the game anyway" means that isn't a lost sale.

I mean using your logic, I have no intention of buying a Ferrari, therefore I should go and steal one because they wont lose a sale.

At the end of the day, if someone can afford to have a gaming PC able to run modern games they can also afford to buy said modern games. And if someone has enough interest to actually download a pirated game then they should buy said game.

Also, your blanket statement that "Piracy has been proven to not affect sales" is a little bit wrong, it has been suggested that piracy doesn't effect game sales, but there is no way to 100% prove it. Not unless we can release a game twice, once where nobody pirates it and a second time where people are able to.

Jmanzare77d ago

They will probably eventually release on pc like they did for gta

Rare77d ago

nobody wants to hear the opinions of a corrupt fbi swamp monster.. 😶

mandingo76d ago

If you want it buy a console

n1kki676d ago

I don't know any pc players that don't own at least one of the consoles.

starchild76d ago

Not really true. I know quite a few PC gamers that don't own consoles. But what does that matter anyway? Third party games should be multiplatform and available on all three higher end platforms, as 99% are. PC gamers by and large prefer to play games on their PCs. I have a console but that doesn't mean I want to play a multiplat on it. I'll wait for the inevitable PC version.

Si-Fly76d ago

I think Rockstar delay the PC release of their games just to get dumbasses like me to buy a console copy and PC copy later!

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KaiPow77d ago

The emergent stories sound really cool!

odderz77d ago

Glad that Rockstar are once again pushing the boundaries.

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