UK Charts: Phenomenal Spider-Man sales continue

It's the week before FIFA, and therefore the quiet before the inevitable retail storm.

It means that Spider-Man is free to retain its place at the top of the UK Boxed Charts, despite a 57% dip in sales week-on-week.

The PS4 exclusive has already surpassed the total sell-through of God of War (physical sales only) and is now a week or two away from eclipsing the multi-format Far Cry 5 as the biggest release of the year. Although, of course, FIFA 19 will claim that prize come Friday.

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lxeasy27d ago

Insomniac Games deserve this success. I can't wait to play their future games!

sampsonon27d ago

you mean "wait to play" Spider-man 2

sampsonon27d ago

@Brave_Losers_Unite: sorry to say that u won't be seeing that game for a long time. spider-man 2 and then an Ironman game.

they've stepped up to the next level as a company whether you like it or not.

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TheColbertinator27d ago

PUBG still selling good numbers

Kribwalker27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

I was thinking the same thing. Amazing it’s still in the top 10 over 10 months later

Legatus27d ago

Yeah that multiplatform game is still selling solid, it will certainly continue to sell well seeing as it will soon come to the biggest selling console on the planet, the beast known as PS4.

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Unreal0127d ago


That not good that mess of a game is still selling.

Kribwalker27d ago


Well it’s only the xbox one version on the charts as these charts still only give physical sales, and the only physical release of PUBG is the Xbox One version......and yeah I could see it selling a tonne on PS4 when it’s released too, if that happens

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Ninja_Ryu27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Is that the top 10 for PC🤔 Btw PUBG is a multiplatform game and not an exclusive

Kribwalker27d ago


No that’s not top 10 for PC. The top 10 only has the xbox version as that’s the only version that has a physical copy as is currently exclusive like Crash Bandicoot or Nier Automata amongst many others before it. Timed exclusive deal 😉


it’s just PC and Xbox right now, it most likely a timed exclusive deal, but nothing has been announced yet for it for PS4, so we will have to wait to see.

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Kribwalker27d ago


Yes this multiplatform game that’s only currently available on one console, whose sales chart numbers are only from the sales of said console is currently doing great. I’m sure when it’s available on other consoles it will do great too, but as of now, a single platform has maintained it in the top 10 for the better part of 10 months 😉

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TyrellCorp27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Just platinumed this yesterday, outstanding experience start to finish. My only hope is that Insomniac ips like R&C and Resistance don’t disappear because these guys will be making Spider-Man for the foreseeable future.

Zabatsu227d ago

I desperately need a new R&C. It's that great.

JEECE27d ago

I'm wondering if this success will allow them to become big enough to make games more quickly, possibly on an alternating schedule of original ip/Spiderman.

That said, as much as I hate it given how fantastic 3 was, I can't see them doing another resistance game.

paintedgamer198427d ago

Im hoping they make another dev team seeing as marvel is supposedly letting them make another super hero of their choosing. Id LOVE an xmen game like the old beat em up arcade game. Or even a Wolverine game... the possibilities are virtually endless. Spiderman 2 is pretty much a given on the ps5. I can see the xbox crowd throwing shade all over again.

CarlDechance27d ago

"The PS4 exclusive has already surpassed the total sell-through of God of War (physical sales only) and is now a week or two away from eclipsing the multi-format Far Cry 5 as the biggest release of the year. Although, of course, FIFA 19 will claim that prize come Friday."

That is pretty amazing. Nice job from Insomniac, Sony, and Marvel. That team made one hell of a game.

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LegoIsAwesome27d ago

This game, doesn't deserve 87. IT DESERVES MORE.

elazz27d ago

I'm at 75% after playing 30 hours or so since release and I just can't imagine this to finish. I had a lot of fun so far and am making quips myself while swinging or fighting. To me this game is a 9.5/10 because of all the fun I had. There could have been some things maybe tweaked here and there concerning side missions but c'mon, hardly anyone already does better and we have received the Spider-Man game we so desperately wanted, but sometimes never deserved. I'm looking forward to the expansions and sequel.

ShinRon27d ago

87 is right on the money, popularity =/= quality

its a solid game and def the best spiderman game but its not raising any bars or doing anything new in the genre

Silly gameAr27d ago

I don't think anyone expected it to raise any bars or do anything new. People wanted a great Spider Man game, and that's what we got.

You sound like one of those gaming blogs that can't really find anything negative to say, so they go the old "didn't raise the bar/do anything new" route.

P_Bomb27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

If it’s def the best Spider-Man as you say, then by definition it just raised a bar and set a standard.

GTAIV didn’t raise the bar from GTA:SA in anything other than graphics imho. Even the radio sucked. So why did that one score so high with critics? What was new? I already played Liberty City in GTAIII. Haven’t figured out that 98% even 10 years later.

Contemporary comic book game Batman Arkham Asylum was clearly inspired by a Metroidvania and Shadow Moses blueprint, but it worked and helped make it better than any Batman game before. Arkham City scored higher but I still consider Asylum to be the more important game. It happens.

ShinRon27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

@Silly game ar

I agree nobody expected any of that and the metascore would be indicative that as well.

saying the 87 metascore was warranted is only negative to ppl who think that if they like a game because its spiderman it should be a 10/10, which is entertaining at least.

Dark_Knightmare227d ago

Almost every game that releases doesn’t do anything new or raises any bar so why apply that just to Spider-Man

LegoIsAwesome27d ago

Hey man. So are you saying games that are 90 and above had raise the bar for the genre? So how come i know a certain game (im not gonna drop the name cuz n4g might ban the comment again lol) that didnt introduce anything to the genre but had a 90++ ratings? So how come? It didnt introduce any other than its the first game in its franchise to have a game like that. Oh and before you throw my last arguement back at me, remember the previous spiderman games? Now compare those with this 2018 release. Still didnt do anything in the spiderman game??

Admit it. Its not in "what did it do to the genre?" "Did it introduce new elements in the genre?" But its in the WHO made the game.

True story.

cooperdnizzle26d ago

Ehh I don’t agree. Amazing open world game play with really well done level design at the same time. Should be a 90 at least in my opinion

BehindTheRows26d ago

Doesn't have to raise the bar and 87 is a score that says the game is obviously of high quality. Just because someone wishes it were higher doesn't make that any less true.

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Christopher27d ago

Finished it last night. It's a fun and great Spider-Man game, but I think 87 is exactly where it belongs. Being fun an enjoyable doesn't mean necessarily being 90+. There are flaws and low points in the game. In fact, I haven't 100%'d the game yet because I don't really feel like doing some of those low points. And I'm a huge fan of open world games. Just, some of these do not 'click' with me and make me feel more like a waste of time than enjoyable.

I think this game would have done a heck of a lot better if side missions were more like the bike gang one and less like the research stations or the like. Even camp missions could have had their own mini-bosses of a sort at the end or something.

CarlDechance27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Agree. The side missions didn't do much for me. The research stations were a bit campy. Seems just about every station discovered a huge problem JUST as Spider-man happened to arrive.....and he had only minutes to avert disaster. sigh......those missions could have just been left out to me, a la less is more. I really enjoyed the base missions though. Very cool that they were replayable. I would have given the game a 90, but 87 is a great score either way.

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