Baten Kaitos director says third entry was in the works, planned as "grand-scale game"

Monolith Soft isn’t just known for the Xenoblade franchise. The studio has worked on many games over the years, including the GameCube-exclusive series Baten Kaitos. Two titles released on the platform, but it sounds like there were plans for a third entry as well. Director Yasuyuki Honne has revealed that Baten Kaitos III was planned and was in pre-production.

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TheGamez1001707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

Please for the love of humanity go back and work on it!!! You guys need a break from xenoblade. And remaster the 1st and 2nd game while your at it. Baten Kaitos was one of those old jrpgs that NEEDS to be brought back.