Gamedaily: Top 10 Scariest Games

Gamedaily writes: "Lock the doors and windows, kill the lights and prepare to crap your pants.

10) The Thing (PS2, Xbox)

A sequel to John Carpenter's intense film, The Thing strands you in the middle of Antarctica and forces you to battle a vicious alien that shape shifts its hosts into disgusting monstrosities. Although you normally have a fire team at the ready, it's impossible to tell whether they're infected. One of them can morph at any time, a grim fact that always keeps you second-guessing their loyalty. On top of that, the snowy atmosphere and disturbing audio will leave you ready to scream like a little schoolgirl the moment a detached head sprouts legs and scurries across the floor.

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mariusmal3646d ago

the thing and silent hill 2 were very good games and scary.