Super Seducer 3 Already Revealed as the Original Game Surpasses 125,000 Units Sold on PC

RLR Training and Richard La Ruina have revealed that Super Seducer has sold 125,000 copies and also announced Super Seducer 3, coming in 2019.

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ChrisW21d ago

Meh... I'd rather read cheap romance novels with Fabio on the cover

rob-GP21d ago

Saw this yesterday - great news!

rob-GP20d ago

cos the game is lots of fun - so can't wait to play the third game. The second one has tonnes of content

xX1NORM1Xx21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

Please stop buying this shit... that goes for the youtubers making videos essentially promoting it too. Im sick of shit games becoming successful beause they are bad.