Microsoft posts quarterly profit, sales gains

Market Watch writes: "Microsoft Corp. on Thursday posted a slight fiscal first-quarter profit gain and sales growth that topped Wall Street analysts' estimates. The Redmond, Wash.-based software giant said net income for the quarter ended in September rose to $4.37 billion, or 48 cents a share, from $4.29 billion, or 46 cents a share in the same period a year earlier. Revenue rose 9% to $15.06 billion."

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Bladestar3647d ago

ohh the contrast... between Sony and Microsoft which show the strength and management ability to ride these economical market...

And Yes... this translate to a bright future to the xbox brand... if the parent company is doing good than the xbox division will also do good. This means microsoft does not need to cut down other divisions like xbox to compensate other areas of the company...

elshimiablo3647d ago

MS is no longer a big boy now

MS has just 63B dollars in asset which is Half of SONY's

SONY will also post a profit . no doubt there

in terms of MC Toyota can now buy Microsoft

SONY is 2x as big as MS in terms of total assets

Genesis53647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

Yes a bright future with a hiring freeze and the closing of a good portion of the game development studios. In the xbox division. Do you read all the news or just the stuff that makes you happy?

Man_of_the_year3647d ago

LOL Total Assets - you think Sony is bigger because of "TOTAL ASSETS" LOL come on bro use your head. Total assets is not what determines a companies worth - its their overall - MS doesn't have much assets because its a software company - all their assets is CASH. If you are going to use a companies assets for your argument then you have to consider their Liabilities and A/P's.

Bladestar if you want to educate this person about what determines a companies wealth go ahead - as my fingers will just get tired of typing and i don't think he will get it anyways.

Bladestar3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

I think you did a pretty good job Man_of_the_year... So, I'm not sure I can do any better...

I will point out about "MS market share fell to 190B"... lol!

Here read this: http://blogs.moneycentral.m...

Marketshare do that when Companies buy back their own shares... this usually happens when the company have more money than they can spend in operational cost, research, debt payments (since they have none), etc... they buy back their own shares which cause the market cap to go down...

You obviously don't know... THIS IS A GOOD THING! Because in the future if they ever need more money they can sell those shares back to the market... get it?

and as Man_of_the_year said, "Total assets is not what determines a companies worth"... microsoft is a software company... they do not own lots of physical assets since they make software and do not require lots of assembly factories as Sony does... Operational cost for Sony is way... wayyyyyy higher since they require more employees, buildings, etc...

For example, a company that sells Gold requires a lot less employees, physical locations and operation cost than a company that sells chicken which require a lot more effort and resources to operate... are you following me? I wouldn't want to confuse you with this very complicated 5th grader economics...

ohh and about the "MS has just 63B dollars in asset which is Half of SONY's " which means $h!t in the economy landscape.... Washington Mutual bank was estimated to be worth 400 Billion in assets... was taken by the FDIC and sold to JP Morgan for 1.9 Billion from one day to another and filed Chapter 11. A bank that was around for more than 100 years... was also thought to be "Too big to fail".. same with Fanny Mae, Freddy mac and a ton of others...

One day you will understand what I am talking about... I had to learn the hard way... I lost at least $40K with WAMU... assets means $h!t...

GiantEnemyCrab3647d ago

Bladestar and Man of the Year putting the dis-information whores on notice!

Very nice. Why do you even post your BS Elshambo when you know you just end up owned.

pumpkinpunker3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

Did you lose a lot of money on Sony stock? Or are you such a rampant fanboy that you are just pulling random incorrect facts out of your ASSets? ASSets don't mean crap.

current market cap for MS is 202.12 billion -

current market cap of Sony is 21.54 billion -

let me put things in perspective for you - MS is selling 9 billion shares for 22.32 apiece
Sony is selling 1 billion shares for 21.46 apiece

one can estimate from these figures that Microsoft as a company is approx 9-10 times larger than Sony.

Now, be a good doobie and go sell your Sony stock. expect it to be in the low teens by 2009. I was telling people to sell their sony stock when it was going for $49 a share. check my post history from earlier this year. I can't be bothered.

PimpDaddy3646d ago

You got knocked the f*ck out. Seriously Nasim. Give it up. We all know it's you. Your making the same argument, but with a different account. In fact you PM'ed me from one of your multiple accounts on this very same subject.

Remember this:

79 days 10 hours ago | By: cahill | Block

MART just for u

"The cash portion of the deal would be more than $20 billion, and since Microsoft had about $21.1 billion in cash and cash equivalents at the end of its most recent quarter, the software giant would have to spend itself dry to buy out Yahoo without a loan."

MS is much smaller than SONY. Most of its current assets is liquid assets --CASH

It has aroudn 36B dollar in liquid asset. SONY's future investment is worth more than MS current+long term assets

in fact SONY's TOTAL assets is worth almost as much as MS 's total assets which include 30B dollars as shareholders equity

in a sense SONY = 3x MS

I love how Nasim calls me Mart in the message too. Classic. The guy with multiple accounts accusing others of his shenanigans.

snoopgg3646d ago

just like your comments are to this site!!!!

dragon ball Z DROIDS3646d ago

ajoke of a company which can buy sony and still have a few billion to fall back on. face it microsoft is making profit, they are not going any where soon droid

JasonPC360PS3Wii3646d ago

If they keep earning this way MS will be in a place where they can outspend it's competition progressively. Just look at what they have spent so far in Windows, Zune, Xbox, Office, games, and Live. They are now earning from their investments, and can comfortably ivest more more in current products and invest more in new IP's.

Lots of people assume that the console that sells the most wins, but it doesn't work that way. This below will give you an idea of what I'm sayin.

Current gen video games

console sales
Wii 1st
369 2nd
PS3 3rd

Game sales
360 1st
Wii 2nd
PS3 3rd

360 1st
Wii 2nd
Ps3 3rd

Online service
360 1st
PS3 2nd
Wii 3rd

PS3 1st
360 2nd
Wii 3rd

360 1st
PS3 2nd
Wii 3rd

Online entertainment (tv shows/theme)
360 1st
PS3 2nd
Wii 3rd

console features
360 1st
PS3 2nd
Wii 3rd

independent gaming/entertainment
360 1st
Ps3 2nd
Wii 3rd

exclusive games (released)
360 1st
Wii 2nd
PS3 3rd

game library
360 1st
Wii 2nd
PS3 3rd

3rd party support
360 1st
PS3 2nd
Wii 3rd

hardware reliability
Wii 1st
Ps3 2nd
360 3rd

so thats 1 for the PS3, 2 for the Wii and 10 for the 360 <--- making Mcrosoft the overall market leader. The Xbox brand is a success, Microsoft is here for good. Sony on the otherhand is in trouble.

pansenbaer3646d ago

Wow, that's a nice biased list. Console features, 360 is first? Please, that is the biggest bunch of bull I have ever heard. And saying the game library of the Wii is better than the PS3? Pathetic.

ionize3646d ago

I notice you are always defending why your daddy bought you a 360 instead of a PS3, but you seem to have a thing for GoW (God of War not GeoW)...I wonder how much you will be slamming the PS3 when GoW III comes out?

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Captain Tuttle3647d ago

It's much quieter in here than in the Sony earnings story.

deeznuts3647d ago

Because of the different headlines. This is from CNN Money

Microsoft beats Street but cuts outlook
The software giant reports profit and sales that were bigger than what analysts expected, but lowers its guidance in anticipation of a slower economy.


Microsoft's business division, online services, and server software divisions showed the largest sales growth in the quarter. However, the entertainment segment, which includes the Xbox 360 game console, reported a drop in sales from a year ago.

Odion3647d ago

of course cause last September Halo 3 came out!

power of Green 3647d ago

By 56%? talk about worded different lol.

Charmers3647d ago

@ odion I really do hope that was a joke. You do realise that nearly all of that $4.29 billion profit was down to various ventures in the PC market place. The reality is when you compare sales of Halo 3 to Vista then Halo 3 sales look embarrassing. How about this get back to me when Halo 3 manages 88 million copies sold because that is how many copies of Vista have been sold.

Fox013646d ago

but but but... tha CELL

PimpDaddy3646d ago

There is only so much FUD the Sony lovers can spread. Not even they can overcome the fact that even though Microsoft did not sell as many consoles or generate as much income as they did last year for their Entertainment division, they still managed to be profitable in the Entertainment division once again.

The fact that they managed to be profitable with the price drop is even more positive news for the 360.

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creeping judas3647d ago

Im personally surprised, I didnt think that with the ecocomic climate as is, that even MS could pull a small profit.

Bathyj3647d ago

How'd you come up with that drivel?

"Microsoft's business division, online services, and server software divisions showed the largest sales growth in the quarter. However, the entertainment segment, which includes the Xbox 360 game console, reported a drop in sales from a year ago."

Allow me to point out the obvious.
XB is DOWN from last year, which means they are DOWN from Sonys numbers last year. Sony has improved over last year when they actually beat XB anyways. You see where I'm going with this?

Zerodin3647d ago

Ca-chink Ca-chink! MS is blingin'
Sony is azn!

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