Analyzing the Teaser Trailer for BioShock 2: Sea of Dreams writes: Gamers were hit with a plane crash of delight-some might even say that they were "rapturous"-when the trailer to BioShock 2: Sea of Dreams leaked onto the Internet last week, which was supposed to be a treat for those who purchase the PS3 version of BioShock, released on October 21st. Featuring what appears to be an older Little Sister clutching a Big Daddy doll and gazing at the sea, the trailer reignites the atmosphere from the first game (due in no small part to the pitch-perfect music) while adding a sense of nostalgia-or maybe regret. While that creepy BioShock feeling has definitely been nailed, the trailer does bring up other questions, such as "What the hell is this game about?"

SPOILER ALERT: Plot points from the first game will be discussed.

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Rick Astley3700d ago

They'll be using the PS3 as their platform this time.

ZmokeR3699d ago

About that?
Dont take me wrong, i have no idea, thats why i am asking.
And hmm well the trailer, what to say about it ?
Its Clearly Cgi, and probably on land, and after a wile you will maybe have to go back to where it all started...