These Officially Licensed Switch Controllers Come With Gyro Support And Mappable Buttons

Accessory maker PowerA has unveiled another line of controllers for the Nintendo Switch, this time adding more features to get even closer to Nintendo's very own Pro Controller.

There are six different designs available in total - black, white, red, Mario, Link, and 'Retro Mario' - and these can be pre-ordered from the manufacturer's site for $49.99.

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Sgt_Slaughter27d ago

For that amount of money, just get an official Pro controller. Guaranteed Nintendo quality and it's only a little bit more (actually less if you get one used at GameStop w/ Elite Pro)

Sgt_Slaughter27d ago

And now I just found out it has no Rumble whatsoever, and uses batteries instead of recharging. Hard no at $50.

Zeref25d ago

It's just $10 more for the Pro. No point to this or whatsoever.

Sgt_Slaughter25d ago

I can understand if someone's on a budget but if you're going to put down $50+ for something, and it's missing key features, it is pointless, yes.