Red Dead Redemption 2 PS4 and PS4 Pro bundles detailed in full

From PlayStation Blog: "Today, we’re excited to announce the Red Dead Redemption 2 PlayStation 4 bundles, launching alongside the game on 26th October, 2018. The bundle options mean you can experience Rockstar’s highly anticipated game with HDR quality graphics* on PS4, as well as in stunning 4K with the supercharged PS4 Pro**."

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Neonridr76d ago

shame they just opted for the regular consoles.

raWfodog76d ago

Meaning you wish they allocated those resources elsewhere?

Neonridr76d ago

well a RDR2 themed console / controller would have been nice, no?

raWfodog76d ago

Ah, I get your meaning now. I thought your reference to 'regular' consoles meant you didn't think they should have wasted their time with the base PS4's.

Yeah, it seems like it would have been a better move to issue themed consoles. Even if they already owned a PS4/PS4 Pro, some die-hard RDR fans would have gladly coughed up the cash for it.

gravedigger76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

Limited editions Like Spidey bundles. Pretty sure this RDR2 bundle will be a Black Friday bundle too with 50$/50GPB drop in price because console is regular one, not limited.

pleasuretokill76d ago

Yup. Immediately put one in a cart to purchase. Saw that it was normal console.... deleted. No good for a collector's item.

Goldenhawk52176d ago (Edited 76d ago )

You just made some higher end console owners butthurt and salty. Oooooops

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Legatus76d ago

This game gonna take PS4 sales through the roof.

Ceaser985736176d ago

Its a console exclusive so should sell well on both PS4 and Xbox... Though PS4 has more users so yea!! The game will sale more on PS4 like SOTR which sold more on PS4 over Xbox.

Bronxs1576d ago

I think he meant the bundle is going to make PS4 HARDWARE sales sore as well. Which I agree with.

Ceaser985736176d ago

If it was a theme console it would have sold a lot ..

Legatus76d ago

It doesn't need to be a special theme console, it's RDR 2 we are talking a about, one of the most anticipated game this gen, PS4 + RDR 2 bundle will sell like hot cakes, no doubt about it.

yomfweeee76d ago

This late in the generation, I don't think any single game is going to make hardware sales soar through the roof. Especially if it isn't even a special edition console.

Ceaser985736176d ago

Exactly but yes if it was a theme special edition console it would have sold a lot like how SPIDERMAN did... or the Limited console does...

Legatus76d ago

PS4 + RDR 2 bundle will sell like hot cakes, no doubt about it.

generic-user-name76d ago

150m PS2s sold. PS4 is only at 80 right now and there's still a couple years left in this gen. There are plenty more people out there to sell consoles to.

yomfweeee76d ago

Nice disagrees, let's hear your sales estimates? 5 times last month? 10 times?

rainslacker76d ago

Its possible some games could see surges in sales when they release. Probably not 2-3 times their normal monthly sales though. Plus, this game is coming out during the holidays when console sales are going to be higher anyhow.

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alb189976d ago

I will buy it for the X for better performance :)

Ceaser985736176d ago

Its gonna perform better on both console.. X won't be 60fps.. Its gonna be 4k 30fps on both...

Legatus76d ago

Nothing wrong with that, but millions will buy this PS4 RDR 2 bundle.

76d ago
Silly gameAr76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

That's nice. At least somebody owns an X, so that's one sale for them.

X owners are like unicorns. You don't see a lot of them out in the real world. Should be a good game either way, though. We know that the ps4 will run games as well as it has from day one.

alb189976d ago

gamerzero and the ones who wants the best version will need the X

Ceaser985736176d ago

X is overrated.. Nobody buys X for better performance or third party games. lol!

75d ago
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joab77775d ago

I loved RDR but this game seems to be one of the first truest next gen games, as Tickstar did with GTA 5 on the OS3. We sat back and asked, how the hell did they do this?

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THC CELL76d ago

Makes game fps but not vr hope a update comes

Mr Marvel76d ago

Throwing random words together does not make it a sentence.

THC CELL76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

Sorry I will make it clear for ya

The game can be played. First person all way thru, they should of added vr I hope a update comes out or do what they did with skyrim

xX-oldboy-Xx76d ago

THE CELL - it's 3rd person isn't? Either way, you ain't getting a game with RDR2 visuals in VR. Nadda, zip, mo way. Not this generation.

THC CELL76d ago

Yes but read again, the game can be played first person mode all way thru
I've played it and seen it

Goldenhawk52176d ago

I think THC CELL made these comments using his or her toes or was using a flip phone. OR perhaps was taught to type on a keyboard by chipmunks. Anyhow, it would be pretty awesome to play the game in VR mode at some point, since it will have an optional 1st person mode.

Profchaos76d ago

Vr rdr2 is a minimum of another generation away even pc would struggle.

The c game would have to be downscaled to rdr 1 graphics

As much as I love my vr it has some limits people don't seem to understand that the tech is in its infancy skyrim vr was still actively worked on for over a year same as fallout vr its not a small patch to give a title a first person perspective it has to work with head tracking

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zivtheawesome76d ago

cmon sony you know you want a spiderman x RDR red ps4 bundle. it will sell so well and you know it.

sprinterboy76d ago

Imagine that as a Xmas bundle base model 1tb ps4 with spidy and rdr2 @ £249 🤯 or US and Europe equivalent or a pro bundle @ £319 or better still £299

76d ago
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