Hermen Hulst (Guerrilla Games): Inspecting our temporary additional Studio Space

Hermen Hulst (Guerrilla Games): "Inspecting our temporary additional Studio Space. It’s a canal mansion built in 1741, adjacent to Guerrilla studio. This will be part of our home until our few Facility is ready late next year."

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DarkVoyager28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

I didn’t even know Guerilla Games was opening a new studio. The temporary studio is beautiful though.

Nyxus28d ago

They're moving to a new, larger space later, this is a temporary studio.

DarkVoyager28d ago

Are they expanding in size or just moving?

Nyxus28d ago

@ DarkVoyager: both, they will go from 250 to 400 employees: https://www.gamesindustry.b...

UltraNova28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

So there will be two teams(if they are expanding to 400 people) effectively opening they way for developing two IPs at the same time?

One is surely HZD 2 and the other a Killzone reboot (my wish) or a brand new IP altogether.

*Killzone reboot: it should be an open world (not bigger than HZD) maybe with some planet hopping to spice things up (but taking us to Vecta can be done in the sequel) with light RPG elements and an engrossing story on the origins of the ESA and Vecta wars. The signature KZ2 heavy moving/combat feeling must make a comeback. Cant wait to see thia happen now that Guerilla has elevated their game.

Cant wait to find out more.

RememberThe35727d ago

He mentioned a while back in an interview about Horizon that they already have two teams. Their other project probably got the green light so their probably doing that as well as the sequel to Horizon. I'm hoping for a KZ reboot...

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strayanalog27d ago

Not a bad place to hang your hat at all.

fOrlOnhOpe5727d ago

As if the Artwork team weren't already inspired enough! Hopefully two teams - especially with the loss of Cambridge - coming under one roof for HZD2 and a new addition to the Killzone franchise. Kz5 anyone?
OK I'm probably getting carried away but I can

porkChop27d ago

Cambridge was never really a Guerrilla studio. SCE Cambridge was just rebranded to Guerrilla Cambridge.

This time it'll be two actual Guerrilla teams.

italiangamer27d ago

Sony sure cuddles their studios, just look at DAT place!

DrumBeat27d ago

Hope they're making a sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn. Absolutely loved it. I love most of their games, though, and was one of the very, very few to platinum Killzone Shadowfall shortly after it released.