PlayStation Plus October 2018 Leaked: Sniper Elite III Ultimate Edition

A Russian Twitter user has posted an image that appears to show Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition is one of the games coming in October.

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DarkVoyager28d ago

I’m hoping the previous leak was true. Nioh and Diablo 3.

SilverDemon28d ago

there is a bug on ps store that shows multiple games as ps plus free
I got killzone shadowfall as free too

DarkVoyager28d ago

That’s a bug worth keeping.

MoshA28d ago

I wouldn't get that game even for free. All the killzone games were garbage compared to resistance but someone would have to pay me to play that one.

BenRC0128d ago

I loved killzone. Better than bloody halo 5.

SilverDemon28d ago

I didnt "get it" as to added to my library and play it
I just got a page on psn that says its free for ps plus but once I go to the game page it has a price tag

Nucleux28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Killzone SF has a hugely underrated MP, hope it gets added as a freebie so more people can enjoy it

81BX28d ago

Killzone was a hot mess

ramiuk127d ago

is there? care to share ha

Unreal0127d ago


Halo 5 was a hot mess.

RedDevils27d ago

Why people care about killzone all of the sudden, it was average then it average now.

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Bruh27d ago


Only on N4G do people seem credible for saying KZ:SF is better than Halo 5 lmfao....too bad the rest of the gaming world exists outside of this PS circle jerk huh

Prettygoodgamer27d ago

Only on n4g? A lot of people don't like halo, why would it be only on this site ? I've never enjoyed any of the halo games, people like different things, it's time to get over it.

Here's another shocker, I don't like Mario games or sonic either, the last call of duty I liked was COD 4, I never liked mass effect.

Kribwalker27d ago

🤣. I kept expecting a /s to be edited into that comment lol.

27d ago
snoopgg27d ago

Killzone 2 destroyed any of the halo games!!!

letsa_go27d ago

You must be really full of yourself to think you and your buddies represent "the rest of the gaming world"

SolidGamerX27d ago

Well no one invited you into this Playstation article so if you dont like it I'm sure theres an xbox article you can go "circle jerk" in.

Bruh27d ago


Not really, the people whose lifestyle is gaming aka gaming dedicated sites, all have unanimously showed that Halo 5 sitting at a 84 on Metacritic is better than Killzone: SF sitting at a 73. Now I do agree, people all have their different tastes and preferences, as there are lots of people who think UC4 is over-rated and not their cup of tea, still doesn't take away from the fact that a majority of the gaming outlets see it as a masterpiece

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porkChop28d ago

I wouldn't be surprised. I've noticed that similar games are sometimes in the Humble Monthly Bundle, and the September bundle had Sniper Elite 4.

Teflon0227d ago

Yeah, I got from humble bundle. Didn't even care for the 4th. Honestly hoping it's not

theshredded28d ago

But it's on sale on the eu store? Part of buy 2 and get %70 off.

rob-GP28d ago

The thing I never liked about this version of Sniper elite was that it isn't the 'ultimate' version - you don't get the Hitler mission with it, you still have to buy that one.

ziggurcat28d ago

This kind of bug in the store happens all of the time - this doesn't mean that Sniper III is the game. It's certainly not showing up like that in the NA store.

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