Olivia Munn Trades In The Leia Costume For Chun Li's Threads

Das Gamer writes: "In the video the star of G4TV's Attack of the Show and Complex columnist, Olivia Munn, puts together a few different Halloween looks for Complex's October issue. Before you get your hopes up for the standard cliches, there's no "slutty nurse" or "dominatrix" outfits. Please. Everyone knows sexy librarian is the new slutty nurse. Of course there's also one piece of cosplay that all the Street Fighter fans will enjoy, none other than the muscular thighed wonder, Chun Li. "

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Rick Astley3649d ago

Yawn. Just another bimbo for the viewing pleasure of the desperate nerds that still watch G4TV. Olivia Munn looks like an elephant's ass crack.

Sarah Palin3649d ago

I like your style Mr Astley.
How about me Rick? Am I SEXY enough for you?

Panthers3649d ago

its more than you'll ever get.

JsonHenry3649d ago

She is easy on the eyes. But not enough for me to finish watching this video.

Kami3649d ago

she need to do some SQUATZ.

SlyGuy3649d ago

then she would be HOT.

DRUDOG3649d ago

There's like 3 minutes of my life I'll never get back...

Nancy Pelosi3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Rick, you want a piece of this hot woman?

Auron3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

says the biggest nerd here. I mean youre Rick Astley! haha what a dork!

Bolts3649d ago

Rick Astley calling other people desperate nerds...thats [email protected] priceless.

deeznuts3649d ago

You're tripping Rick. She's not the hottest person ever but I'd stain that costume for sure!

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BigKev453649d ago

Your out of your mind, rick. You wish you had a girlfriend like that, I'm sure.

dexterwang3649d ago

^ie, scrubbing your toilet, doing your dishes and laundry?

JimmyJames703649d ago

Anyone else having trouble getting the video to actually play?

JimmyJames703649d ago

Finally got it to work. Only a matter of time before she's in Playboy.

big shadow3649d ago

she looks so hot in the chun li costume. oh yeah

Serjikal_Strike3649d ago

olivia in the bunny costume(HOT) and the chun li one too!!!