I Give Up Trying To Figure Out Death Stranding

What is going on with Death Stranding? And should we even bother trying to work out Kojima's web of madness?

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UltraNova25d ago

No we should not. He will never allow us to fully understand what he's planning, its how Kojima operates. We'll have to wait for the full game.


This is one game I am completely stay off YouTube for when release because I already know it will be flooded with spoilers intentionally just simply because it’s a Kojima game. I don’t want to see any single spoiler, this is a game you have to experience 100%.

UltraNova25d ago

Understandable, and good luck!

EverydayJoe24d ago

Just enjoy the ride. It is going to be cool (if you are a fan of the games he makes) no need to over analyze and try to understand before the game even comes out.

CarlDechance25d ago

"And should we even bother trying to work out Kojima's web of madness?"


Eonjay25d ago

There are scores of real people out there who have prepared real analysis and revealed tons of information. The idea that all gamers are so stupid that we can't figure out anything without having it spelled out completely for us is kinda getting insulting at this point.

CarlDechance25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Folks can spin their wheels on this stuff all they want. I'm certainly not stopping them. I just don't see the point in dissecting images and references that may or may not actually be in the final game. To each their own.

Krangs_Uncle25d ago

People complain about mundane, repetitive Groundhog Day like experiences in gaming... But moan when they are offered a chance to think outside the box for a concept that appears to be fresh and intriguing.

We should just be thankful that some studios are allowed the chance to be this creative with their concepts.

Imalwaysright25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Especially when they own the IP and can do whatever the hell they want with it.

The_Sage25d ago

Publishers can still be a hurdle. He said, some studios are allowed the chance to be this creative. He's not saying that a studio is allowing a developer to be creative. In other words, the publisher is not trying to mess with the vision the studio has.

Imalwaysright24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

I doubt that Sony would tell Kojima and his team what they can or can't do creatively. They'll allow him to do his thing and in return they get a game made by one of the most creative, eccentric and lauded devs in the industry.

The_Sage23d ago

That's what I was getting at.

sklorbit24d ago

Exactly, I say just sit back and enjoy it. We have never seen anything like it and should be happy a game of this level can be allowed to be art for once.

sammarshall10225d ago

I kinda like how Death Stranding seems different and has that Kojima weirdness to it. I'm intrigued with every trailer and the graphics are nice

andibandit25d ago

Me today:
So what is it about?.

Me after i complete the game:
So what was it about?.

chrisx25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

nano machines lol. in all seriousnes can't wait to play this.

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The story is too old to be commented.