Catherine: Full Body Is More Than Just a Remaster

Persona developer Katsura Hashino talks IGN through the changes in his classic puzzle-adventure game, in which a love triangle becomes a square.

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ChrisW20d ago

But still nothing more than a niche puzzle game that only sold well because of bizarre and mature content...

Lynx020720d ago

"niche puzzle game" was pretty addictive and "bizarre and mature content" is really mature story, not just "adult only" bait. I didn't know what to expect, and it turn out to be one of the top 3 games on PS3.

DarXyde20d ago

You're crazy.

Catherine is awesome.

Protagonist20d ago (Edited 20d ago )


The fuck are you talking about?

Play the game before you make a comment!

ChrisW18d ago

Actually play video games before you comment on a gaming forum!!!

See what I did there? Asinine, isn't it?!?

Yi-Long20d ago

Happy this will have the Japanese voices included this time. Skipped it last gen because of the dub-only release.

Chexs199020d ago

Was a bit nervous about that back then, but the English dub is actually really competent for once :)

EazyC20d ago

I'm not a Japanese game fan, but this game is fascinating to me. Stylistically this was always so unique!