What Happens To Blackout When the Next Call of Duty Comes Out?

Call of Duty: Blackout's update plans could be more important than how much fun it is to play.

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Thatguy-31025d ago

That's a very good question.
Curious to see how things play out. Knowing Activision they're going to rehash it and call it "new" in order to charge another 60$

Sgt_Slaughter24d ago (Edited 24d ago )


That or they'll release a stand alone version for Black Ops 4 for free after everyone has already purchased the game, but with a paywall.

Shikoku24d ago

It gets abandoned like all the other call of duties

SierraGuy24d ago (Edited 24d ago ) you live under a rock?

Blackout will get abandoned but nothing else will. Die hards will still engage.

They're the only ones who can legitimately sustain a battle Royale mode.

Tankbusta4024d ago

It gets abandoned for a new battle Royale in the next game... This isn't rocket science it's call of duty!!

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blacktiger23d ago

Next one is going to call WHITEOUT
Oh wait it sounds too racist, censor "whiteout" because it has white in it,

ConsoleGamer23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Mentioning whiteness makes YOU racist!!!🧐

Well done, now you made me racist because you made me type the W-word.🤬.

I apologize to everyone who got offended, triggered or/and traumatized by my comment.

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