Bringing Androids to Life in Detroit: Become Human – An Interview With Philip Sheppard

Only SP: "Detroit: Become Human is a unique game in a few ways, and one of those is the way in which David Cage, the mind behind the game, opted to use music. Instead of hiring one composer to score the entire game, Cage decided to hire three: Nima Fakhrara, Philip Sheppard and John Paesano—one for each main character. This approach gave each character their own unique texture and sound, but also meant that all three scores had to be put together to make a coherent whole. OnlySP previously spoke to Nima Fakhrara about his work scoring Connor’s soundtrack for the game, and recently had the chance to follow that up by speaking to his colleague Philip Sheppard on his work for Kara, and how he came to be involved in the ambitious project, as well as his personal take on the themes of the game."

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