IGN: Bethesda Blog: Post-Nuclear Partying

The Bethesda Blog writes:

"Last Thursday we held a Fallout 3 Launch Party in downtown Los Angeles at LA Center Studios. A great time was had by all - from walking the Brotherhood of Steel-protected red carpet to rocking out with the Foo Fighters.

Being that it was LA, I certainly found myself stargazing a bit at the event. I ran into Gerard Butler (Leonidas from from 300), James Marsden (Cyclops from X-Men), and several other folks from Tinseltown. It wasn't until I got to the party that I learned that Courteney Cox (who attended with her husband, David Arquette) was actually once an employee here at Bethesda waaay back in the day. And if you're wondering…no, I didn't get a chance to talk with Lauren Conrad from The Hills, who attended as well."

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ReaperXL73648d ago

How can they have a launch party for a game that hasent been launched yet?