Dante's return in Devil May Cry 5 is the real deal - hands-on - VG247

Dante has always been a charmer, but there’s something especially cool about how the seasoned hero appears in Devil May Cry 5.

cooperdnizzle2071d ago

Micro transaction mess! I’ll have to wait for a sale or get it used. Whenever these things pop up in games they usually end up killing the pacing and overall the game suffers.

jeremyj29132070d ago

Have you ever played a DMC game?

cooperdnizzle2070d ago (Edited 2070d ago )

Nope never! The 4th one is the only one with this bull crap. Have you every played a DMC game?

jeremyj29132070d ago

I've played them all. They are all made to be played multiple times. If someone doesn't want to do that and wants everything on the first go round, then it's an option for them. But the majority of the people waiting for this game know what they are getting into and enjoy playing the game over and over. Most people won't even pay attention to the MTs. They are there for the people that suck without Auto Mode active.

DarkVoyager2071d ago

Will not purchase until the scrap the Microtransactions!

Silly gameAr2071d ago

Is that Trish in the tumbnail? 😕😨

WitcheRivia2071d ago

Trish looks like she got hit in the face with a sack of hammers.

Casepb2070d ago

She looks like an old hippy lady who smoked way too much hash oil.

ameliabaz2070d ago

She looks like Sherri Moon Zombie mid-way through any Rob Zombie film. haha

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