Should Microsoft or THQ Nordic Buy Telltale Games?

Could Microsoft or THQ Nordic breathe new life into Telltale Games? Clementine will remember that.

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Araragifeels 24d ago

Hell no for MS. THQ Nordic would be a perfect home for telltale.

NecrumOddBoy24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

THQ Nordic is such an odd company. Like are they owned by Elon Musk? They can afford to buy all these properties but 99% of them aren't going anywhere. Just a strange business strategy.

LaWiiG24d ago

I do find that odd. There is a definite sign of quality vs. quantity, but they also have “some” quality franchises in there.

Razmiran23d ago

Its not that they are not going anywhere, they are still pretty new. Didnt they reform in 2017?

porkChop23d ago

THQ Nordic are still fairly small and new. I'm thinking they're building up a stable of studios and IP for next gen.

As for the franchises they've purchased, even the "bad" ones have interesting concepts and good potential for reboots. It'll be interesting to see where they are in 5 years.

rainslacker23d ago

Outside of a couple less popular ips that tt owns, they don't have much to offer that couldn't just be licensed directly from the company that owns the ip.

This makes tt less valuable than what their potential revenue is, because the bulk of their success and properties resides in things they don't own.

Spurg24d ago

Ms is perfect...they can afford the license

LaWiiG24d ago

Snatch’em while they’re cheap. Just adding to the roster of exclusive games. Heck, they need it.

kneon23d ago

But do they need these types of games? I've only tried a few tt games but they were boring.

did TT do any other types of games?

rainslacker23d ago

Or they could just get the license without having to buy the company. TT doesn't have much of worth beyond theirs studio name, the wolf among us, and some other ip that I can't remember.

I.guess that they could get already up and running, but realistically, they already just brought 5 of them.

LaWiiG24d ago

Would you want new franchises or continuation of the ones they’ve done?

CyberSentinel24d ago

More Batman, more Back to the Future, New Deadpool, New Punisher, New Superman, New Avengers, New X-men, New Star Wars, etc....

fonger0824d ago

No for either. You’re really only buying the name, but no original content. Their business model of telling stories (great for the most part) through licensed IPs obviously doesn’t work. All those licenses, Microsoft, Sony, or anyone could work directly with the owner to do a game or game series without Telltale.

ImGumbyDammit24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

Phil Spencer did say several montns ago that he envisoned expanding Game Pass with episodic content (new chapter every month or so). So, I guess TT would be a cheap buy for MS to get that type of gaming from an already established developer. But, because their current engine (Telltale Tool) is quite old, it needs to be replaced and should bea top priority. If anybody buys them I defiintely hope they are able to actually make sure that new gaming engine TT has been working on, based around Unity, is really operational. Going forward with the current engine is a no go.

I sure would like to see a Wolf Among Us - Season 2. So, somebody please buy them.

Another option that may a good direction is for Netflix or Amazon to buy TT and integrate it into their current video service. Netflix was already brining the TellTale Minecraft game to their service. So, they have working relatonship of some sort with TT. And it is not like TT games require a lot of action, so simple streaming them is quite easy to do.

LaWiiG23d ago

I saw something on Reddit regarding Telltale “over saturating their own market.” Which, I guess, in a sense is true. Doesn’t mean they can’t dial back their production and create a slower release schedule. The quality is there. Maybe just not have like 500 projects going on at once?

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